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Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci must be arrested and held accountable, says Ben Marble, MD FOR THE GREATEST POISONING IN HISTORY

HANCOCK CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH THE LOCKDOWN FILES. “when do we deploy the new variant to scare the pants off everyone?” =Medazolam mass murderer Matt Hancock

Bombshell: Gov. Officials Texts Prove Covid Was A Scam To Control You

Government Source – EXCESS DEATHS in USA are 2.5 MILLION per MONTH


Revolution Against 15 Minute City Has Begun! Anti-Slavery Resistance SMASH Tyrants’ Cameras & Walls!$/download/revolution-against-15-min-city/0abc514f3491024ef689a8a6e0e50adf9fce303c

↑”GATES VACCINE DEATHS: Worldwide Bill Gates is being accused of Pandemic Fraud and Vaccine Murder. India has two vaccine murder cases against him. The Italian Parliament accused him of depopulation and called him a criminal. In the U.S. he is accused of mass negligent homicide.
Evidence also shows he knew mRNA vaccines would cause injury and death, but kept it hidden from the world and ordered Trump in 2016 and 2017 not to investigate the dangerous side effects of “vaccines” which are now causing catastrophic injury and death around the world.
Bill Gates, Fauci, CDC, FDA and others said the Covid mRNA Vaccines only stay in the injection site which was a deliberate lie because they knew the spike protein and lipid nanoparticles pass the blood brain barrier and travel throughout the body into the brain, heart, fetus and even into the brain of the fetus.
Before the Covid mRNA vaccines were released we have criminal evidence from Bill Gates own mouth that he was working on a new vaccine technology (mRNA) that would pass through the vaccinated pregnant mother into the womb and into her breast milk causing injury and death to the baby by the toxic lipid nanoparticles and lethal spike proteins.
In Europe after the approval of the Covid “vaccines” for children there has been a 755% increase in excess deaths amongst innocent children. The Covid Vaccines are causing tremendous amounts of death and injury in young women of reproductive age, pregnant women and in newborns. Population control is working.
In India’s High Court, Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla are accused of being habitual offenders of earning profits by selling vaccines with death causing side effects and are therefore “Mass Murderers”. The minimum punishment for such offenses is the death penalty as stated by the attorney.
A two year international criminal investigation reveals Bill Gates is guilty of helping create a pandemic using his power and influence with Tedros and the World Health Organization in order to force inject the entire population with experimental Covid vaccines that are neither safe nor effective, but are now killing large numbers of people.
The two year investigation also revealed Bill Gates’ desire to depopulate the planet and control the remaining population through digital ID and digital vaccine passports with the help of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.
Dr. Peter McCullough demands a worldwide stop to all the Covid vaccines and recommends the Bill Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical Suppliers and others be charged with illegal advertising, fraud and mass negligent homicide.” [ edited by GG]

↑”BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer and the FDA sued in the New York Supreme Court. The claim is based in lieu of the pending criminal charges filed by Pascal Najadi against Swiss “president [yea ” Alain Berset in Switzerland for Abuse of Public Office in connection with the Covid vaccination policy.
The New York Supreme Court ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to protect Pascal Najadi, his wife, his mother and his attorney handling the case with 24/7 detailed protection in Switzerland.
The Bioweapon “covid vaccines” have been injected in 5 billion people using 12.7 billion bioweapon poison vials. The whole Pandemic was declared to inject the world with these Bioweapon injections. The World Health [HOMICDIDE, HOLOCAUST] Organization is the main entity that pushed these bioweapons on the world. Bill Gates and Tedros are the main criminals behind this global crime. The WHO has become a dictatorship by one man.
Insider intel information reveals Bill Gates and Tedros have been directing the World Council for Church weekly on how all church leaders should respond to the Pandemic response and vaccination policy.
“Bill Gates and the WHO are using mRNA genome editing technology to change the genome in humans which is not repairable and the “next generation children will die”[source?].” Autopsies from the deceased covid “vaccinated” show very strange plastic like strings growing in the vessels and arteries of the Covid Vaccinated killing the person with strokes, blood clots and heart attacks.
The plan of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others is Transhumanism to change what it means to be human through genetic mRNA gene editing. Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD states “The mRNA injections is a cover story for an Artificial Intelligence frequency based gene modification system that is self learning and can decide how to edit humans.” They are using digital technology and AI to control people.
They are planning to use covid, [mon[k]eypox, alleged Marburg virus according to Attorney Todd Callender & other climate, famine, war & economic destruction scams] to scare people for the next 10 years
to achieve their goals. 
“Pascal Najadi’s mother, age 81, has thrombosis from being triple Pfizer vaccinated, her leg is blue. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger says “The injection sterilizes men and women, that is why they are after children and babies, they want to stop humanity. They are destroying the family and hiding death. They tell pre pubescent children to change their sex. They want to destroy the family.”
No injection is safe today. The vaccinated should have their blood tested to be helped. Toxic poisonous blood reserves circulate in blood banks. Sixty percent of the world’s population have been poisoned with this bioweapon, the blood is now poisonous and toxic.
Politicians, justices and lawmakers should bring justice. Millions of people died from mRNA injections. “I have police protection in this apartment ordered by the U.S. Justice. Why do I need protection in Switzerland? Because they have already killed so many people knowingly. I’m angry because my mother has been diagnosed with a thrombosis attack. I will do everything I can to rip apart Pfizer Inc. with justice in New York where they are. I hope they are watching this program, I’m not afraid of you.”” –Pascal Najadi , [edit GG]

↑”MRNA INJECTION CRIMES: Criminal Charges filed against 2 Doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into Pascal’s body of a known toxic untested clinically experimental Nuremberg violating substance without informing him about the potential risks = mass murder.
Pfizer and the FDA violated U.S. Federal and State laws. Swiss and New York Supreme Court Lawsuits hold them accountable. No one was given informed consent, a tort-law case for millions of damage claimants.
Pfizer, FDA, DOD knew mRNA lipid nanoparticles packages are classified as toxic. Injection of a knowingly clinically untested experimental toxic substance declared as safe, effective and tested is a crime against humanity.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – “Recent new evidence coming from England with the Lockdown Files prove there was NO “pandemic” but a PLandemic.”
The Lockdown files are internal conversations with Matt Hancock the UK Health Secretary involving Bill Gates. They reveal they knew there was no pandemic, & no necessity for any “vaccines” but used it to vaccinate people as a population reduction program.
Brook Jackson’s Federal Criminal Complaint Case against Pfizer also proves the Pfizer mRNA injections were NOT tested for safety. The fake “pLandemic” was for the U.S. Department of Defense’s biological warfare on America and the world. See “Criminal Indictments” post February 20th for U.S. Department of Defense vaccine military operation and the FDA fraud.” [ edited by GG]

Lounger & scrounger video call sun 5 mar 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03

Lounger & scrounger video call sun 5 mar 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03—scrounger-video-call-sun-5-mar-2023-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0185S03:5?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Outline & transcript in progress..

Sunday 5 March 2023, 430.. 420. No smoking 4:23 PM. London, England, thanks for visiting welcome to,,,, and 100 domains. UTC, Greenwich. Meantime, London and all that. [heavy sigh varianastenagmos] Wrote a few things down this time cause but it’s worse than I should have memorized them. But anyway, just a little guide because there’s a few things to cover this time. Just want to say uh. Things are bad as far as the online thing goes, because I noticed Apple has blocked Bitchute in the Apple store, so who knows where else it’s blocked. So I’m not getting any views there. Hardly. Odyssey plays, but uh, that’s not really you know, how can they be auto playing on my site and get nothing, almost. It’s because it crashes on phones I noticed everybody, anyone with those cancer phones, 5G slavery, QR code slavery phones has.. it crashes as soon as I, as soon as we test it, it crashes. So we know it doesn’t work on phones. It does work on this laptop, God knows. Anyway, so you know it’s very bad. Just reporting the situation is not good and I shouldn’t be even doing this, but my friend Gaik from Armenia is leaving for Poland tomorrow and he wanted to talk and we usually do a big production. Shouldn’t be doing it never on Sunday again, OK, because I lost my Sunday, now I haven’t been out. And how am I going to do five days locked up on a computer when you haven’t had the day off on Sunday? Luckily yesterday a little bit, but not enough. So anyway, and more on that later when I went. Went for lunch, I go for lunch somewhere and they’re all on their stinking cancer phones again and beaming me zapping with all the radiation that cancer anyway. It’s just so annoying. But anyway so alright so. 2min And the view count stays the same. From what I’ve seen. We don’t know if any of this is accurate. It could all be estimated, but the web host statistics show 400 a day always about, give or take. And how is that even possible “after all we’ve done for you” to quote my mother, my second mom, “after everything, and yet you had all the advantages after all we’ve done to tell me that it’s 400 a day doesn’t make any sense.” It doesn’t make sense. Even if you paid someone, paid people, or forced them to to go to a website. 400 people to go there every day for months and years he wouldn’t happen. So that’s very suspicious and unlikely. So I don’t really know what my view count is. But anyways, it’s just it’s gotta be big though because you know, hey.. [] Anyway. Um, so I don’t call them *my* audience. Like all these people are calling them “MY audience”. They’re not yours. You don’t. They don’t. You don’t own your audience. My audience. I mean, they, you know, metaphorically, but you know, it’s just not polite to say that, is it? Or is it. maybe anyway, I dont know so. Just a quick back story because he’s waiting. I gotta call him right now. So Hayk, I met him in Armenia. Couple decades ago in Abovian [Republic] Square in Yerevan, [your van lol], he needed he was he was looking for a foreigner to to meet. You know we were just socializing and I started recording him right away back then. Um, so my motivations were always to create a show. Which isn’t working out. So in the meantime. His motivation was to fleece a foreigner [flee so foreign] I’m just kidding. There will be a lot, by the way. I just didn’t do the disclaimer, you see, I wrote some ****. It’ll be better next time. I’m still, you know, I’m not used to this teleprompter ship. I like to just not. But anyway, I forgot to say one thing here. Where is that? Yeah, fact based disclaimer, I should have put, yeah this disclaimer, it’s all fact based thoughts and feelings just in case. ‘cause it will get a bit rocky in a minute, in a bit. So lounger, scrounger. Yeah, this, this is lounger, scrounger, call. I’m the lounger. He’s the scrounger. He said it himself. And a.. So we developed a friendship, which we were in Sochi. We did a Sochi episode, we did a Yalta Ukraine episode when it was Ukraine, and then we met up. I had a steady girlfriend for a few years, so. I didn’t see him for till Years later and we did a few more episodes. And what happened was I offered him room and board cause he’s broke. And you know, in Armenia you can’t get decent jobs for less than $3 a day or more than, you know, a few dollars a day or a week on is very bad. The minimum wage is just not worth working for. I mean, make more money not working probably anyway. So I offered him room and board. And uh, what he does is he.. Uh. Pulls a fast one, according to Bill. There was this guy who was like, “ah, he pulled the fast one!”. What he does is he, uh, he accepted it for one month. We were there a few months. Over. Anyway, it’s it was accumulative, but. He said no thank you to the room and he took the balcony eventually, but before that he was sleeping rough on benches up on the rooftop. He was just just to save money he wanted. He’s got this stingy disorder, which I’m about to adopt, as you will see in a minute. Because he’s going to try to pull a fast one again now. Quote unquote as metaphor, but by the way, this is all adult humor, and as I said, OK And so, but anyway. So he would refuse the room and board. And then at the end of the trip, at the end of the episode he had kind of set me up. He had kind of tricked me into agreeing to give him a camera. He’d be like he. He’d get me to say, “yeah, we should get your camera” or yeah, yeah, “we’ll get your camera”. You know, I was like, the guy’s broke and I feel like going in a store and saying “get this guy anything he wants!” and. Anyway, so but we started. There was an argument about that you wanted my $3000 a two Sony A72R at the time. This is a few years back when it was all I had at at that spec. So we had a little argument about that and I said OK, from now on we have to agree up front. And he also said it’s a business. He said it’s no, it’s not a friendship, it’s a business. So. Somewhere along the line this this whole thing got corrupted into something that I did not consent to, but you could say that I’m doing a business by recording him, but it’s not worth anything. I’m not getting a dime one, not a penny. So the only one in business is him. So I’m about to terminate that business agreement today. ‘cause he’s going to try to pull the fast one again. I know what he’s up to. 7min30 This is what I think he’s up to, OK. And there was a basically. So let me just keep going. The last and final trip right before the covid CONVID fraud, tyranny, genocide, which is now becoming the climate fraud, tyranny and genocide, and the war in Ukraine cover up, they’re trying to create World War three to cover up their crimes against humanity. They don’t want to face the consequences, so they’re trying to create disasters. Economic disasters, all these things, all the physical disasters they made the train blowing up in Ohio, all that stuff is just to cover the crimes so they don’t have to be held accountable, but. They better be anyway. So I’m just saying that before that. So right before the COVID FRAUD in January 2020, we finished that last final Greek episode and. He has a big birthday coming up. We’re we’re both. You know, getting older. To be polite. And I looked at him and I was like, this guy has.. I don’t wanna say “nothing” because apparently that’s another thing. They hide assets. Apparently he’s got an apartment somewhere that he’s renting out with his sister. Anyway, more power to him. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying. You don’t know. You don’t know. So anyway, I just said look, the guy’s got no computer, he’s got no camera, he keeps begging, he sleeps rough on benches, on balconies, on rooftops. The guy is just, he needs help and I can get do one gesture after all the stuff we recorded, ‘cause it is. I don’t know how much, how many hours, but it’s got to be hundreds if not thousands of hours, and there must be a show there. And I’m thinking I’m going to get some of the money back if it ever goes anywhere, if it’s a hit movie or a hit series or hit books.. The Sochi episode, he screwed up because he was like, “you’re not avant guarde, you don’t shake the camera like this,” and the whole thing is unwatchable, which is why I made a photocomic out of it. But I was like this is your chance to do, what are we going to give him? So we’ll get him a nice laptop, I said, before he becomes a senior citizen and it’s too late, let’s get him at least get him a nice computer and a nice camera. So it’s about it’s several thousand dollars each for each, right? I don’t want to say exact figure because then everyone else is going to want to gonna feel like I owe them something for for recording. But he, I recorded the hundreds or thousands of hours, right? And he gifted them to me. He never said I can’t use it. He said I can use it [signed release]. So he made the first gesture, the first gift, and I said I should reciprocate and give him something, a few thousand for a computer and and a camera because he keeps begging for my old ones and whatever. So I gave him. I did that at first I gave him a check which he never cashed for years. So I gotta ask him if he’s cashed that and then the other amount I wired and apparently after his mother’s passing away from the flu or from the MRNA covid, well, she didn’t get injected, but she could have.. I don’t know, Anyway, she passed away. And he said he had some apartment to complications that he had to take care of, which is why the money’s gone and he got a sh***y computer and I can’t even share a video with him because there’s no. Internet on it. There’s no Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi disappears after. Yeah, sorry, his Wi-Fi disappears. Um, after an hour you can see it’s going to run out, so we have to hurry up. Just a minute here. Anyway, I just said 11min OK, quickly, quickly, let me just summarize here. But anyway then it became then he needed battery while he’s yeah, batteries, memory cards, lenses. I gave him a couple and I give him old cameras too. You know, where are we here? So I’m just making sure, yeah, I should have prepared this better. But you get the gist, you get the story. So now he’s using these worthless recordings. Apparently everything I’ve done is worthless. That’s that’s the conclusion here, which I don’t believe for a minute. I think there’s immense historical value and entertainment and information. I think it’s fantastic what I’ve done. I have no regrets. I I I iiiiiiI we have no regrets. Shit.. [open zipper, zip up fly] Really prepared today. Is this prepared? Is this preparedness? HAHA Sorry. Oh, come on, give me [a break] see, this is for spring break because it’s march, which might be spring cleaning. Let’s see. Spring cleaning or spring break? Let’s take a vote. Pink dot, don’t forget. OK, so. Using worthless recordings as an excuse to get money and meals and room and board and cameras and freebies, that’s what’s going on here. And the Cam scam now is, now what he’s doing is he said he didn’t want to renew his Polish passport in Armenia. Because it’ll cost $100 more than if he goes to Poland to do it. But it costs way more to go to Poland. So that’s a lie, isn’t? You’re not saving money. So why would you go to Poland? Hmm. Let’s think about that, OK. Change of environment and all that, but financially it doesn’t make sense unless Geo Godley & 100 domains is gonna give you his $3000 old A2, Sony a72 or a73, or..’cause I’m using the A74 [A1] now and they’re all terrible. They’re all. Unless they’re. Stabilized on a on a surface or on a gimbal and the gimbal just defeats the whole purpose because I need to be discreet. I need to have it on the chest. I can’t. If I’m going to walk around like this I might as well bring a f******* fig rig. But anyway, so he’s, I think he’s doing the cam scam again, he is trying to.. um, already.. Yeah. I already gave him four cameras by the way. 2 X3000’s with the mic, broken mic, broken lens he said he could fix, which he didn’t. One Panasonic Lumix Micro 4 thirds. He didn’t like that either. One RX 100 he dropped in the sea. And it just goes on anyway. So bottom line, the terms, our, my and his, our terms and conflicts, terms and conditions don’t meet, there’s a conflict of interest. And I’ve got to tell him now, diplomatically, because I don’t want to ruin relations or friendship over this, you know. But you got to be careful because sometimes I just feel like really wailing on him, you know, telling him what I really think and it it comes out. And other times you’re like, well, if it’s a friend, you don’t. You don’t talk undiplomatically to him. 14min So we’re doing the diplomatic version now, but the undiplomatic maybe I should start shouting right now and do the undiplomatic one first but I haven’t prepared that. It just came out before when I was. I’ve been preparing this for the past day or two since yesterday cause I didn’t know what to say because he’s..  I know he’s gonna say look I’m coming over can I take your couch? And he stank the couch up last time with his stinky sleeping bag. It stank for months 14min40 and I don’t, I can’t even sniff it now because well there’s dust now. It’s disgusting. No. And and I put him in the dormitory over there and he’s like well can I change rooms to save you $5 a day? I’m Oh my God. And can I come over and why can’t I come over? Can I come? I put him there and he stinks up the place. It was good. We did get him some nice interactions and everything. It was fun in a way. It had its pluses and minuses. It’s it’s, he’s, he’s fine. But you know, at this point. I’m gonna tell him. No money, no deal. Yeah, I’m gonna tell him. Look, I lost enough. That’s what I want to tell everybody who begs me to buy their album, or do this or do that buy their big Issue.. I’ve been very generous. And I’ve lost my “frotune” fortune. And that’s enough. When I get my money back. That’s the answer. I lost enough. Enough loss. I’m trying to phrase it properly. It’s tricky to phrase these things nicely. I lost enough, lost enough. When I get my money back, you have to say it that way because if you say when I get paid, it could be less than you spent. If you say I want my money back. When I get my money back, anyway, no money, no deal, the only one making money is you from me, I’m losing my fortune. No deal, OK? So, and I want to do this at the end of the call cause if I do it at the beginning, it’s gonna ruin the mood. He sulks. Like when that guy Bill said he pulled a fast one by turning down the room and board and then asking for it at the end of the trip in the form of money or cameras or whatever, he was like ah, he pulled it. When I told him, Bill says you pulled the pulled a fast one and he’s joking, he just, he went ape ship. He didn’t talk to Bill for.. He went like this to the camera [flipped the bird middle finger] for Bill. He was like Bill. f**** you bill. Bill motherf*****er. Mother full. These sulked for days and days, he sulks and sulks. He’s just he gets in a sh**** mood, he’s got a real personality dis[order]. I don’t know what the f**** is wrong. But anyway, I’m just saying I don’t want that on this call, so I’m going to leave it for the end of the call. I know he’s going to do something like that. And we’ll see what happens you know. 16m45 [heavy sigh varianstenagmos] Or maybe I should get it over with. No, it’s gonna ruin the call. It’s gonna, he thinks I’m gonna say “yeah, come over, stink up the couch again with your stinky sleeping bag and pick any $3000 camera you want”. He says he doesn’t need the lens. That’s another £3000 for the lens.. lenses I don’t have. I only have one stabilized and it’s not. That’s false advertising. That’s that’s bullsh********. Sh*t stabilizer anyway let’s go, bro. He’s waiting. Let’s go, man. So I think that covers it. You get a rough idea. I think that’s enough ok let’s go. God, that was a mouthful huh.. 17m40 ring tone Oh.*wtf*** haha You’re being funny. Oh, oh, 5 great. Margaret. Is that Margaret? Margaret. Margaret. Oh, sorry Barbara.. Margaret is downstairs. go down, please. Ah ah ugh.. Who is that? Oh, that’s nice. He does have a good sense of humor. He’s very entertaining, I must say. He’s a good friend. You sorry? I just loved you. I need a thumbnail.. Oh. Oh God. I thought you’d be all.. Where’s my face? I can’t see my face. I thought you’d be all tense for your big trip tomorrow. Reise fever and all that, and you’re sitting there playing games. Why don’t  I see my face. I can see. 19min You know who is that? Barbara. Oh. OK. We got the joke. Is it reallistic? I can’rt see it. Yea at the beginning It looked good, but yeah. OK, it should be not with me probably. But if this if he appears and starts talking to you, can you can it be believable? Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. What is it man? Just a picture man picture. You see? Yeah, yeah. Who is it? I don’t know if I have to read it. Renaissance probably. Renaissance. Oh, what’s up, man? OK, quickly, because you’re gonna run out of energy again, right? The uh, you’re, your cheap Wi-Fi ship. No, but I’ll check. Probably one hour. I have that. We gotta make sure we cover the main points. Yeah, I’m gonna save the important one for the end, because I think I know what you’re gonna ask me. Hahahah Yeah. I might be wrong. So quickly. OK. You OK? Yeah. You all right? Yeah. Yeah. 20min20 So Bill Gates is wanted for mass murder in Philippines. Bill Gates, there’s another arrest warrant. He already has one in India for the vaccine. Mass murder, they said. Mass murder. But who can prove it? Because people hate Bill Gates. They say things. I don’t know. You always play devil’s advocate. Heheh No, no, no, no. If you would praise Bill Gates, I would criticize him. I would say opposite exactly. But now you go to the opposite side. I have to keep the conversation. Otherwise I would say yes Bill Gates is ugly, Bill Gates did..I have to understand, maybe there is some interest that goes against him because this guy, yes, of course he is a maniac, but if he could be really maniac, there would be really opposition who could kill him. He could destroy him if they don’t do it. Yeah. Hard to imagine if it’s really? 20m25 Anyway his injection killed my uncle, killed, I have at least 20-30 people, friends and family that that got hurt or died from his injection eo I hope he gets some justice, you know? You know this is something like old people always die. No no.. It helps this [?] probably is little bit provoking. It’s like I don’t know it’s hard to imagine if they could retake a risk, create a vaccine that could kill people. What about their relatives? Their relatives could come and revenge, right? Anyway do you think he’s untouchable? Bill Gates is untouchable? You think? Almost.. he paid the BBC, he paid all the media to to not say anything about the these arrest warrants.. arrest warrants in India and Philippines the media cannot talk because he blackmails them with injunctions. I read allegedly all of this allegedly I don’t know enough, I don’t know everything. But there are people who understand they are not stupid, they are not monotonic, they are not in one level. But some people can understand that something is going wrong and they could plan and kill this guy. I don’t wanna.. so it’s little bit. There are so many questions that are. Why he is doing this? because he has revenge? he wants to kill// Yea Revenge of the nerds, but still he will die man I, I, I can understand that he has another 10 years and that’s it. Revenge of the nerds euh euh hueh. You know the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” “We’re gonna inject 7 billion people with my lipid nanoparticle” [MRNA LIPID NANOPARTICLE SPIKE PROTEIN BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT]. i didn’t see, is it a new film? No, no, it’s a long time ago. Haha You missed a good one. Well, you can anyway. OK, so, uh, and I read, I have to remember the source. Every time I say something I should say who said it, ‘cause otherwise it’s like, who’s this, you know? But I read that he gave $200 million. It’s nothing for him. $200 million to again, for this digital ID QR code slavery. No phone, no entry. I went to a bar yesterday, two days ago. No phone, no entry. They want to force you to get the QR code, and this QR code can read all your personal information, all your banking details, all your sex details, all your all your friends, all your messages. QR code collects everything and they store it and then they want to control this and and be like China they can cut you off with the stupid like electric car that Elon Musk is making which is worse than all the others.. anyway it’s just shit man all this crap. Slavery, slavery. 24min You think it’s a mafia all the rich these multi billionaires are together. Once some, they have some. Some plans. exactly, and they said it, they said it, and they have all the documents. Everything’s been proven, man, anyway. Reiner Fuelmich proved it in the and all that. So, OK, quickly. I just want to tell you quickly. No phone, no entry. Good, I told you that. No entry I cant understand what is no entry. No entry to the bar. Enter where? To the bar! You cannot come in. They have a security guy at the bar, & he’s like “put your telephone on the QR CODE OR YOU CAN’T COME IN, THIS IS DIGITAL SLAVERY, 25min this is why they did the covid bullshit, this is why they’re doing the climate bullshit, and the war in Ukraine and all that sh**** all the catastrophes. Yeah. Economic disaster is to so they to cover up their crimes because they don’t want to go, they don’t want to be held accountable. Like let me destroy the world. And with the Third World War.. did you hear Zelenskyy? He’s like “American soldiers must die for me”. In the meantime he got $100 billion & houses all over the world the *motherf*********** right? And he killed all his people. They don’t want peace. It would be so easy to make peace. He can just ask Putin. Let’s talk. He doesn’t want to do it, man, because he gets billions and billions. Of course, war is very profitable for all those corrupt motherf… yeah cause if it’s peace, he won’t get any money. Well, he’d still get help. He’d still help him anyway. But. But he’s very ugly person. His personality is very ugly comedian. He’s not a good character person. He doesn’t care about ordinary people in the Ukraine. 26min He’s ready to destroy [dispose] all the world, only him and his surrounding to have a nice profits, yeah. Those f****ers yeah. Yeah. What? What can you do? What can I do? It’s it’s unstoppable. This war now is in such a stage that it’s impossible to stop. Impossible. Sh*t. Although I know one solution if they will be bribed. This Zelensky and his surrounding will be bribed, they will stop the war. But who’s gonna bribe? There are so, so many, so few countries interested to stop the war that you can’t even imagine even Angola is probably interested this war to be continued. I don’t know. It’s such a terrible war and so many young people die. Imagine.. yea, unnecessary too. And and they think they die for good things. This is the shame [pity]. They think they’re heroism. They’re making saving the world each side. You know, Russians think that they are saving the world, or Ukrainians thinking they are saving the world. And personally, me, I feel like both sides are wrong. There is. You can’t criticize anything you criticize I can be opposite. Try to criticize any side of this war. It’s like a football match that both teams are playing. Only football match doesn’t kill people here, they kill each other. Hmm. So tomorrow I go to Kutaisi and then to Warsaw. 28min Hey uh, did you cash that you remember to gave you a check once? What happened? I did not, I did not. I can bring it back. No, keep it, but don’t cash it right without telling me. No, but I can bring now and tear it. No it’s OK but if you if you cash it, tell me. That’s all I am asking. Geo, what do you think I can do it? First of all it’s impossible. Second, you think I’m such a person? No heheh Well, if you’re hungry. If you’re starving, yeah. If you’re starving.. Starving, spending one Euro? even I’m starving I don’t spend €1.00. You think I’m gonna cash it? Alright, OK. And [not] exaggerating. I had times when I was starving and I could spend only €1.00 and feel fine. I didn’t do that. I’m such a person, what can I do? So one OK. 29min  I can keep this cash for you.. cheque.. or I can give the copy you can send to your bank and ask them to annulate. I think they are annulated. The time is passed by the way it had only three years life. OK. you remember? All right. So you said you’re going to Poland [pull in] to save $100, but you’re spending more. I’m not spending more. It’s more than 100. Come on. OK, listen, $70 I’m spending to go to Warsaw one, but I will work there, right? No. Will you? I will go to this film studios and I will be invited as an extra, extra every day I have work sometimes, episodes sometimes, but of course this time that I’m visiting Poland, I feel so stressed, so much stress. I don’t know. Maybe because long time I didn’t travel I have to go first to Georgia. I was not sure my ex-wife will let me stay there more than 5-10 days. This all information is my in my head and always I feel like I’m going to forget something. I can’t leave my apartment here without anybody, another stress because recently some people start knocking, want to talk to me, from my childhood, some friends living in this neighborhood. I don’t know why I try to avoid them. I try not to meet them. So I told that my cousins are living in this apartment. So from tomorrow I I’m afraid this guy’s gonna start knocking, who knows? And my door is not excellent. If you push hardly, it can[not] be opened. 31min These stresses are are all in my head. I feel like I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight and I have to sleep, but because next night I have to be in the airport, it’s not like right away I go to Tbilisi, then to Kutaisi and fly. No, I have to fly the day after tomorrow in the morning at 11 o’lock. So imagine one 24 hours I have to be somewhere, but I’m sure I’m not gonna be accommodated in the hotels. I will stay at the airport. OK, these problems are not yours. You don’t have to know. OK then. The topic was about saving. Saving is one thing, just wasting this 100 is a pain. In this way I’m sure I’ll be even. I’ll go. I’ll make some $20 works extra as an extra. Not every day, because they need mostly people who are underage 30, mostly for different shows, different films. But there are films there are TV shows where they invite me a millioaire. Do you know this show millionaire? No. Do you have it? When they’re asking questions and they are doubling your money. Who wants to be a millionaire? Yes, I was there as a as a spectator. For Italian program and they paid me not bad 40 euros a day. But it’s not every day. Of course they check my Italian. By the way, I almost forgot my Italian and they start like talking to me. “Senore parle Italiano, Cherto and. OK. Whatever. You don’t speak or you think a little? Yea a little, yeah. Just from French. But you don’t use your french. This is the strange that so long you don’t use your french but still you are able to understand and speak because some people only understand they can’t speak, but you still speak French. This is strange like 20 years ago you probably used couple of times and not anymore. No, I listen sometimes. I just saw a vlogger. She’s speaking French, but she speaks very fast like this all the time. Balblablblablablbalba bavarde avec moi [speaks French] You sound Canadian. You said you sound like.. Armenian? Canadian-French. Yeah, maybe, you know. Uh, so, uh, your plans are not so much closer to my plans, huh? Closing this one this month. Coming months, I mean, your Arthur, your friend Arthur is not planning anything. You don’t know yet. Uh. I wish I could, um, come and take some old, how do you say old equipment if he has, Arthur. Yea. 34min30 You don’t know yet. Hmm. Yeah. if [R2] has some.. I know. Yeah, yeah, I can’t agree anything without agreeing up front everything. You remember last time I said we have to agree everything because there was problems, misunderstanding. I don’t want anymore misunderstandings. You told me the agreements and I was thinking this way, if [possibly don’t knows], it’s a little bit too too long journey to to get there. And I was afraid 14 days to get there, 14 days stay and 14 days but back it would be a little bit too hard and you said you are not going to to your friend is not going to stay there. Your friend is not going to visit there. And I think he didn’t. OK, even this way we could do.. I could visit London for 3-4 days and that’s it. We didn’t agree on any. We have to, we have to agree on all the terms, you have your demands or terms and conditions. [?] My demands, if you say for example.. Yeah.. I want you not to stay any day and I have to think, right, I have to think if I’m visiting and not staying there just coming, going back and forth, it will be bit hard. I would say it’s a little bit too hard. 36min Of course.. But if you said, OK, 10 days, you can that’s it or five days. Then it’s more easier for me to come, to stay there five days and come back. We have to agree on so many things and you didn’t do anything yet. Now the last minute, you’re you’re pressuring me to say.. no, no, no. I’m not. OK, let’s do this. I’m not the I don’t need the to have the answer right away. But let’s do it in 10 days, 10 days at least I will stay in Poland for sure. And the last moment if you say OK, then I’ll airplane tickets are so cheap that I can afford. Yeah, but you don’t afford all the other stuff. I have to. We have to agree what you want. ‘cause if you have. OK. No, you’re not. Look, look, look, look, look, look. Let me talk too. If you come here and you say I want this camera. Why? You said you would give me this camera. You said this. I need this. I need that. I need the food. I need the couch. I need this. And then I say what? We didn’t agree anything. And you’re like “oh, I thought”… All this has to be agreed on front and and that’s why I.. OK. OK, any camera? Doesn’t matter. All bad. Broken. cracked. What’s the point? It’s.. if you don’t even this is OK Now you have feeled relaxed not responsible.. “oh I promised”. No you did not promise anything & you can even change the last moment say I promised this camera. No sorry I have to use it that I can understand because personally, me, I don’t give any present to anybody and you, when you give one present, it’s a great thing for me. What else I can say? But uh, only just. I think if you are really something that you’re not gonna use or you’re not gonna try to sell it, why not? Why not to get it? Let’s say this. OK, which one are you? And another thing I told you always I can bring it back. Any cameras you say I can bring it back. But by the way, do you want any of these cameras you gave me? The 2 X3thousands, one has broken microphone, one has broken lens, right? And you didn’t fix it. You said you would fix it. or you tried. You tried, didn’t you? With the lens, you could put a funked up. You put you put a weird lens. You remember? no glass was little bit too popped up. Who did that? You got a repairman down there. Imagine I did it personally. I took my old very old VHS cameras lens. I took the parts out and tried each one. Which one will correspond and imagine one corresponded and all the all the people were surprised. They said yes. Exactly. The size only a little bit thick, but it was tiny. There’s no cameras that’s small. No, no. OK, vhs camera has a lens like this, right? Oh, inside there’s a small one. Yes, a lot. They are for zoom for other purposes, but some people say you can have vignette around. Yeah. OK. All right. Listen, I did not see this vignette. It’s clean. OK, OK. OK. So some of the terms, I don’t wanna say terms and conditions, but some of the things that you want, we have to agree on. For example, last time you brought the smelly sleeping bag and the couch smelled for months, man. 49m40 oh Geo don’t say. I don’t smell. I’m not.. not you, but but the sleeping bag was bad, man. Stuff like that, right? Last time.. It was clean sleeping bag, man. Clean. it’s just maybe your expectation that Hayk [i] should smell because he’s such a person or such a type. Maybe that’s because you got this smell.. the bag, not you. But the bag did a bit anyway. Stuff like and and. OK. And then, uh, which camera are you talking about? Only a72 is broken. You don’t want that. So you’re looking at a7three. Who said I don’t want. a72? I never said I don’t want broken camera. I said, opposite, I said. Only brokens I can take and we know how to fix it. Me Arthur some other friends. They are technicians like your Pakistani friend there we are. Let me see what because I need to to get some of. I lost enough, right? I need to get my money back. You remember? I gave you a big gift. What happened there? What happened with that gift? Where do you want more? I gave you enough to get best computer, best camera. Now you you want other stuff? Why? I need to get some. OK. Yeah. I got broken one. You know, you you don’t consider as a present. OK, if you consider this as a present, I’m not asking you anymore presents only if they have to stay at your home for another 10 years and they will cost nothing after 10 years. I need to get some money, I need to get my money back. I lost so much money right doing this show and I never made one.. well, no, nothing, right? So I need to get some money back. So I was gonna sell those cameras. I’m gonna see what they they give me. If they give me a few hundred for each camera, I need to get the money back. I can’t just keep losing money all the time. That’s not fair. And I gave you enough anyway. I gave you so many thousands to get the good laptop and good camera. You didn’t. You didn’t do either. I gave you enough last time to get the perfect camera and perfect laptop. What happened there? You needed it for the apartment, for some complication, The apartment or something, or what? You got a very bad laptop. I can’t even share a video with you. You have no Internet on the laptop. I can’t. It’s useless. Why did I give you all that money for for the laptop and camera and you still don’t have it? Hughh.. OK, I will tell you this way. Probably when you like consider it’s a, it’s a present, so present I can do anything I want. Let’s imagine that I consider ok its a computer and i need a big amount of money I would go and sell, and in this case I did not just sell it, I just keep the money. OK, another thing I anything I will do or I do it’s for free. No more presents. 43min Anyway OK, so A72 to let me see what they say. If they tell me I can only get the 300 pounds I think they give for A72, A73, you know, is that the ones? ‘cause the other ones are freakin ridiculous. You’re not going to use the other ones. Did I tell you this camera? I said any old ones that like those ones that you bought like 10 years ago or I don’t know. Which ones? You are.. You had some. You said you. I have some cameras broken. Broken camera. You think somebody will pay anything? I don’t know a72, a73? What? Camcorders? I don’t know about camcorders man, those I do use still. But uh, let me see, uh, let me see what they say. What the value is. You are sure you’re not gonna use only the ones. If you are other good ones, of course I’m not gonna take good ones. A72 a73? Is that what you want? Which one? Even older ones, Older ones.. hehehehe 44min I gotta do a thumbnail, hang on. I have a whole list I gotta do. I need a thumbnail for the video hahaha guitar hehe I thought you’re gonna get the girl. The picture of the girl. That’s good. Yeah, that’s a good thumbnail. [Hayk sings while playing guitar: “I told you Geo only old ones. Old ones what? The ones [cameras] who are older than 10 years. Really. But you have to specify. It gets confusing. I don’t know which. OK, let me see what I got. I don’t even know what the Hell’s going on back there. I just need a funny thumbnail. Unusual, memorable thumbnail. But I gotta improvise anyway, OK, better than nothing. I told you.. haha Hey, do you have amusia? it can be something very old. do you have amusia? Yeah. Can you sing in pitch? sing, Sing sing a famous song so I can sing with you. I wanna see if you can sing in pitch or if you have a problem. I think you have amusia a problem. Sing a famous song.. which song? happy birthday. Let’s sing it together. I want to see if you can sing in pitch or if you’re going aiiuaiuaiua. But uh, who’s gonna play? OK, here, here. aaaaa—- ahem ohoh I’m going off. Aaaa.. Cough ..Seriously, I think with the guitar, you’re like that guy in Syntagma that was pretending to play. You remember he was pretending. A busker. They were giving him money for not playing. I think you’re doing the same. No, no, no. You didn’t have any lessons. You had no lessons, man. Listen, I will play you something improvising.. imagine how good I am, Self taught..  do you want to hear? By ear, play, play. Yeah. Just. Yea.. [plays] ticloud’s bothering me,.. 47min That’s just talking. That’s not singing, man. Thats just talking. you’re not singing, you’re talking. Anyway, OK, look look OK. Sing happy birthday. Let’s sing happy birthday. I wanna see if you can sing. If you can sing. OK, happy birthday for you. Happy birthday, listen to happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy squirtday Mr. Jio. Happy birthday to you. Auauau What? It’s a clean note. Yeah, people. OK, yeah, you did it. OK you did it so you can. I don’t know why you don’t do it then on the your your music, why you always sing fcuked up on your songs. 46min I don’t know. I’m trying to be original. Not like, OK, listen, now, Frank Sinatra, I’m gonna play. Fair use. Now, the end is here. The end is nigh As I face the final squirtin. As I face the final curtain. OK, this is original version. It’s not like his version. I did a dirty one. I did a sexual one on YouTube. I made adult comedy. I don’t wanna. The final squirt in my friends will say clear of how I paid when I was squirtin’. I’ll say it clear. And so I fa.. so I what? I have a dirty one I made. Listen, listen, I made a dirty one. Like adult comedy, right? And now the end is near as I face the final curtain. Wait, wait. My friends all say clear of how I paid when I was squirting. Squirting, get it? Regrets, I’ve had a few than a few to mention. The chauffeur knows, the chauffeur wrote a book about his sexual adventures, right? So I said the chauffeur knows I paid for blows. By the way, I changed the melody and I changed the words and it became another totally another song. Let’s let’s go this way. When I could just be alone and get there, I would say this is something better with. I should remember could be so crazy & try to make the lazy. What is this? Is this yours? What is it? just creating. Now I’m just using the same chords and creating music. This is the easiest way by the way, you use the same chords but changed the words and change the melody and it becomes a melody. How did you did did you? How did you learn the chords? Did you have a book? Or the videos .Yes. And any chord tell me I will play. 51m10 Hey, I got one more question. Can you sing very, very low? I was in the library, in the bookstore, and I can’t Sing low. I was trying to go, hmm. But but it’s so loud and everybody could hear me. I can’t Sing it so I can’t Sing low so nobody hears it. If I sing everybody’s like, Oh my God, what are you singing? It’s very difficult. You have to whisper like me I will do it. “When I try to guess this is so easy easy way I could never try to be so raw crazy. Humming! Try to see the one knows where to go. Try it in church, try it somewhere where you’re not supposed to and see if you can do it so low that they don’t notice. It’s very difficult. But anyway OK. And improvising with accords. Look how nice they can be, just improvising. [plays guitar] OK. OK. OK. OK. OK. Thank you. Fade you out. Fade you out like at the Oscars. Fade you out like at the Oscars when they’re talking too long at the Oscars speech, they fade it down. Hahaha. turn down the volume. That’s what Larry David did on his latest curb your enthusiasm. When they come, I want to thank my mom. They turn it down. OK man, it’s too much. It’s like every year like thousands of Oscar holders are. So what happens if you take Oscar? So? your film will last maybe one year or maximum two year and people will forget about this film. Yeah, that’s the problem. What’s the point in doing anything? Oh jeez,. OK, so because you’re.. if you create such a thing that people will love, look and watch it, watch it, all on and on and on. This is an art. This is the only way. Paintings are not art as well. Paintings like Jaconda. It just because it’s an it became an icon, it’s nothing. What? Mona Lisa. Once I saw it, that’s enough. I don’t want to see it again and again and again and again and again. Ah oh oh oh ah. So what time are you getting up for your trip? What is it? What time are you? I mean, I mean so so. Oh I have free time, I mean 12 I might take a bus to Tiblisi [the Billy Seeds] So your sister could check the apartment for you, right? Your sister can make sure the apartment’s ok. Hard to ask her to do that. Is she far? Anyway. I’m gonna close it from top and down. And I will see may be safer this way. I’m gonna close all the water and electricity, everything this is. This is stress, you know? This is really stress when you have you want to save money and you want to be responsible of everything. OK, so are we going to do now? You’ll you’ll have, uh, your phone will work if I if so, we have Facebook and your phone number works too, right? 56min Yes, on my way to Armenian border will be working later in Poland probably or anywhere where I will find free Wi-Fi I can use probably at the airport I will have in the Kutaissi tomorrow evening I will have probably, I hope. I once I did it, but I now I don’t know because of this “covid [FRAUD]” situation they might say no, you can’t enter only the. Before the flight, before checking in. I don’t know. I hope it is not like that. I hope it’s easy. Free insurance. Because I don’t want to tell Facebook what I’m doing all the time. So, uh, I might have to call your normal number if if there’s a, you know anything. No, I don’t have even number. My number is valid in Armenia, out of Armenia. It will be OK in my way to to the boarder it will take like. 3-4 hours from here. So in my way I will be able to call contact so. What if I don’t want to tell Facebook my plans? Oh, later you want to do this? OK, later you can call to my ex-wife number or my number that she might find me a telephone card. OK. And by the way, you can tell it to from Arthur’s point of view. Ask Arthur and. Tell what Arthur wants. If Arthur want, Yeah, it’s going to be difficult. So let’s let’s agree some some e-mail. Can you send me an e-mail or still it’s not so. It’s not reliable. It just takes time because you have to answer questions 100 times so, so quickly. So you if, you if. If, you you came here if. Yes. You don’t want to stay in the dorm again. I don’t think they have rooms anyway till the summer, but so yeah. Ok I will do this. Listen, we can find something. We can. On the floor and sleeping on the floor. 57min You’re not going to bring the same smelly sleeping bag on the couch. I lost it in Greece. Ahahahehe Good. hahaha No, but uh, OK uh. You know what I did with that, right? I tried to hide it somewhere in the bush, somewhere in the forrest [40s] where the seaside is. But now it’s three years and I’m sure it’s already the maggots ate it [magic ethics]. Or maybe some homeless people found it and they were happy. Oh, it smells the same as we do. 58min And do you have enough money for food or do I have to cook for you and babysit you man? No, no, no, I have my food things, only the staying plans if I will find the on the floor, if you can put something like one mattress or or anything? Do you have any pumped up mattress resin, resin not resin, rubber, rubber matress do you have? I’ll look. But you need.. ok I can bring one. I’ll look. But you need a new sleeping bag, right? You can’t be uncovered. I have one. And then you’re just coming from the camera, so what’s the point? You’re only coming for the broken camera or for the old camera? If it’s.. OK if I stay there 10 days and I will have no cameras it’s fine because this 10 days where I can at least travel little bit in London. You just want.. one camera just to take some people photos or videos and then I will leave this camera with you. Just the footage I can keep or I can of course share with you and have this as well. So you need memory cards too. 59m20 Anyway, so.. memory cards probably I can use one of these that you gave me before. No they’re obscolete now yeah. The point is, so I I’m only free on weekends because during the week I’m very, very hard working. I have to edit. I have. Ok another thing I told you last time and this time early in the morning, I’m leaving. Coming. Anytime. When we are contacting & you say I am at home. If not, of course I’m doing something else. I’m not coming to stay at home and doing nothing. Just I will be working, traveling, enjoying. What else? And I can record you all the time. I mean not all.. I mean we continue the show. 1hour00 Of course. Did I ever say “not today, please, because I have no mood?” Did I tell you anytime? No. Hahaheheheheh [point at serious faced Hayk on LCD screen] I can go opposite, You are a good sport. If you’re not gonna record me, I will ask please record me because I can’t stand living without without.. hey look [show nipple] hey please record me hahaha.. By the way, you can now, it’s not so difficult to have cameras that can be in the at home recording all the time live and I’m going to make shows. Hehehe.. Not like just sitting, waiting. No, I’m always in the move. I’m speaking. If you are not talking to me, I’m speaking to myself. I have a cable here too. It’s fiber cable, so there’s no radiation, hey you know? forget about radiation. I love radiation. Thanks to radiation. I’m like this. If not radiation, I would be boring person. Hehehe.. Hey, there’s a pigeon across the street. There’s this pigeon, very distinct color he’s got. He’s black with a white tip wing, right? So I know it’s him every time he comes every day. And he’s looking at me because he knows I don’t like him ‘cause I throw things sometimes and he goes there by the window where I can’t throw anything ‘cause there’s a window there and he knows it.. smrt huh?  & it’s good because it’s like the 5G Lab rat Sky rat. If he’s, because there’s an antenna here on two streets away. So if he lives I live. So yeah, he’s helping at least you to understand what’s wrong. He’s a good experiment, right. I mean. But I have seen a lot of the pigeons going crazy. Flying very crazy. You think it’s thanks to 5G? We’ll see, man. No, I don’t believe this you know. Food I don’t believe, I don’t believe on 5G because from the cosmos we are getting so ugly radiations that this 5G is nothing. Yea but you don’t know. You don’t know the, uh, the specifications that guy [Barrie Trower].. But physicians know and they let him do it, let it happen. They would go against this. They are not going. So it means it’s not so harmful. They can’t, no, because it’s controlled again by those five people that did all the COVID FRAUD and the climate [fraud] and they control the 5G too ‘cause they get trillions of dollars. If they would like to experiment, 2 animals could keep a very close to this machine, to this, how do you say antenna. And they will see they are living another two or three years, so fine it’s no problem. 1h03 Yeah, when I was in Brighton there was this big seagull, you know the seagulls there and he was right on top of the 5G antenna. I was waiting. I was waiting for him to die. And two hours. Ah aha achoo.. I was waiting two hours like videoing with a tripod, waiting for him to drop off, and didn’t, he just flew away. He flew away like it’s fine, but we don’t know what damage happened inside. There worst reclama [advertisement] for these antenna could be you know what? Two people are making sex and all of a sudden when they turn on the the antenna, his dick goes down. Oh my God. Or up. Aaargggh! Ahaha Putting up the dose of this antenna.. haha.. So how is the show? Do you have people watching all the time or they are different all the show? 1h04m20 My website? Yeah. 400 a day, it says my web host. I don’t want to see the company, they can probably find it anyway. But I don’t want to advertise the company because I feel like the big guys are blocking me right? Because I can I see on my on the telephone. Can you try on your phone and tell me if it works one day? Is it Yeah yeah not now but one day. Tell me if it works OK for now I will check. Just two-minute break, I will check my Internet situation and we call back. OK in 2 minutes. OK and see when you press the video, see if it plays automatically, see if it doesn’t go [hand slaps finished gesture] because it crashes as soon as you touch something it. Finished. So it’s. Ok whihc video, do you have only one video there? Right now I have an autoplaying 1 up top, but have a look see if it’s working. Just tell me if it’s crashing as soon as you touch it.. I have to know how to check this, This is why I’m asking. As soon as you touch something it goes pffft. It’s white [blank]. OK. Wait right now, OK. See you in 2 minutes. I will call you back or you do? OK you. Or. god 1h5m make sure that’s recording. i got a back up with that, [sony a1] that’s running too 1h5m30. [M dictation external sony IP67 speaker up to here, Internal speaker now.] ‘cause this was an important call. I thought this would be our last call. You know, man, it went totally opposite what I thought. I thought I was going to say, “look, I’ve lost enough. I don’t want to lose another penny. That’s it”. But as soon as I start talking to him and that other lady that I know, and some people as soon as I start talking to them. Everything is fine. All the worries or you know that. I’m just saying it changes when I talk to them. I enjoy it. I, I, I, III we. We work it out. You can talk it out. And I really think they do. They see he’s got a lot of, you know, I always did the plus and minus, pros and cons and. He’s only got one or two pros, but they they really are powerful enough to cancel out all the negatives. And that the main thing is his. Uh. his friendship or his his humor. Yeah. OK, for the show, there’s two things. It’s, you know, for your personal life and then for your, for the show. What more can you ask for you know, he’s fun and entertaining and he’s informative and entertaining, he’s fun he is. That’s for the show. That’s all you know. It’s the number one thing. He is fun. And funny. Nothing else really. Nothing else matters. Fair use [Very useful]. I’m just saying like my mood changes when I talk to these people. The other lady too. I was like, I’m not in the mood. What I’m gonna tell you as soon as she gets on. I’m like everything. I’m like. I guess it gives you endorphins or serotonin or whatever, right? Social connection. That’s why all the trolls want you disconnected. And they, you know, when you say hello to someone in the street, they’re like that’s harassment don’t do yiaiaia They don’t want you to connect ‘cause they know that prolongs your life, that’s a life sustaining interaction. ‘cause people die if they’re cut off, or if they’re ostracized or.. supposedly although some people thrive on that too. But. Anyway, I’m just saying it changes, you see, now I’m like ready to put him up and give him a camera or two and I’m not going to use that. I’m not using the A2, that is just dead weight. The A2 he can have that. I don’t think I can even get £300 or $300.00 for a used A2 Sony A7R2 body. Right. That doesn’t even work. It’s got problems too. It’s got, I think it’s got. technical faults, problems so you he have that and the A7[3] I don’t really use. I’m using the A74 and the A1 and I should get the A5 because it got this flip screen. I don’t really.. 1h9 Keep it running, yeah. So. Spring break or spring cleaning? Winter music conference? What do they call it Winter music and not spring music conference. Shouldn’t it be the Spring music conference? [continued..]


”Vaccine” horror – 20 Million dead, 2.2 billion injured – Dr. Roger Hodkinson (3min clip) PETER HALLIGAN

“The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. They colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years. To this end they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media. The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to the so-called “vaccinations” which have in the meantime been proven to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even lethal. The economic, social, and health damage that these Crimes Against Humanity have caused to the world’s population can be measured in quadrillions of dollars.”


Hello useless eaters. As your unqualified, non elected, global human “health“ overlord, I’d like to take this opportunity to flaunt my position of power and influence over society and share some of my plans for you and your future. When I amassed my fortune in computer software, I demonstrated that I was willing to lie, steal code, cheat my partners and exercise monopolistic control to destroy my competitors. Now that I’ve retired, I can rebrand myself as a humanitarian. WITH MY FOR PROFIT FOUNDATION MASQUERADING AS A CHARITY, I CAN ADVOCATE FOR “POPULATION REDUCTION” AND SPONSOR MASS HUMAN EXPERIMENTS WITH UNPROVEN “VACCINES” IN VULNERABLE POPULATIONS. Like my father, a powerful banker, eugenicist, and Rockefeller crony himself, it’s always been my ambition to decide who lives and more importantly, how many have to die. WHETHER IT’S UNDER THE GUISE OF “CLIMATE CHANGE” OR “WORLD HEALTH”, it’s really all about CONTROLLING AND CULLING THE HUMAN HERD FOR FUN AND PROFIT. In November of last year (2019), I hosted Event 201, a war game simulation of a global pLandemic. Leaders from private corporations, global banks, governments and the media got together to strategize ways they could align in lockstep when responding to a worldwide “health crisis”. Using a coordinated campaign of fear mongering, intimidation, social shaming and economic blackmail, we realized we could get around dangerous philosophies like INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY. With an obedient population, we would be free to implement our own top down solutions like forced quarantines. social distancing, contact tracing and mandatory testing as a means to seize *TECHNOCRATIC CONTROL OF SOCIETY*. Now imagine my excitement when we had the opportunity to release declare our own global pLandemic. It was my chance to look like the Nostradamus of public health and to position myself and business partners like “Doctor” Fauci as the de facto authorities on response and solutions. Through exaggerated doomsday scenarios and computer simulations, our petty control freaks instituted harsh rules and draconian lockdowns. Even after our dire predictions proved false, scared and well meaning people continue to submit to the arbitrary and foolish demands of their so-called “leaders”. Having achieved global lockdown and medical martial law, we’ll continue to hold hostage your ability to congregate, work, travel, or do just about anything until we’re prepared to roll out our bigger plan. I’d like to call this pLandemic one, ‘cause, believe me, we have others in the works. Our final solution is to have you begging for us to “VACCINATE”, TAG & DIGITALLY TRACK each one of you like livestock. Not only will my foundation enjoy legal immunity and trillions in profits, but these mandatory experimental “vaccines” move us so much further down the road to ABSOLUTE, CENTRALIZED GLOBAL CONTROL. If only my good friend Jeffrey Epstein had been here to celebrate with me aboard the Lolita Express. So remember global citizens, this will end when I say it ends. Could be a year, maybe two years, maybe never. I guarantee that if we have our way, it’ll be at least until you’re not able to do anything to stop it. Just surrender your personal freedom and common sense to our fear merchants in government & the media, ‘cause none of this works unless you all go along with it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some augmented reality spirit cooking with Marina Abramovich. Bye now.





♪ UP THE CREEK – GEO GODLEY, GeorgeGodley dot com, VLOG DOT COM ♫—GEO-GODLEY,-GeorgeGodley-dot-com,–VLOG-DOT-COM:5

LYRICS: [speed dial tone, shrill ring tone, smooth dog bark] Hello? You’re finding yourself up the creek without a paddle which is exactly where you are now. I’m not! Up the creek without a paddle is where you are! That’s a lot of baloney, I’m not, I’m right close to the top! Huh! Show me! This time I’ll show ya! -Up the creek without a paddle, Mama said you lost the battle. You ain’t fit to be part of her society. Up the creek without a paddle, put the pedal to the metal, why d’you have to be so far up the creek like me.
Look at you! You’re, you’re, you’re up up the creek wihout a paddle! Now look what happened, now look where you are. Ahahahugh! That is the end of you and it was the end of you! That’s for darn sure! Women! You didn’t stop me from going to the Bahamas.The Bahamas will never be repeated again, ever! We want women! That’s for the birds & you know it! Women! 4 years at Hotchkiss at this marvelous school doesn’t give you many options does it! You had, you you had your day, you were wrong, and I was right. Okay. Yea nice talkin to you. Burp. Bye. Mama said you’re up the creek, daddy looks like a geek. Mama said you’re up the creek, Daddy looks like a geek. Where you are you gotta be..
-Up the creek without a paddle, Mama said you lost the battle. You ain’t fit to be part of her society. Up the creek without a paddle, put the pedal to the metal, why d’you have to be so far up thew creek like me.
You get into a 3rd rate college unfortunately for you. It’s not enough, it’s not enough, what the heck are you gonna do? Oh no! You can always move down the ladder, I was hoping you would be moving up. After the orgy I just wanna party! No dear, you will not. I said this, you almost have B but you don’t, you have C. Almost is nothing, you sure don’t convince me. But you’re gonna learn some self discipline and I will insist on that. Hey let’s talk, I want women. Huh! That’s too bad! [8 bar bridge] Mama says you’re up the creek, daddy looks like a geek. Mama said you’re up the creek, daddy looks like a geek. Where you are you gotta be..
-Up the creek without a paddle, Mama said you’re in the saddle. You are free to be everything you wanna see. With or without that paddle you can really straddle anything if you believe where you are you gotta be.. [operator:] Would you deposit 75 cents for your overtime please.

Music, lyrics, arrangement, production, computer & keyboard programming:: © Geo Godley, (Betty Godley lyrics co-writer)
Lead vocals: Betty Godley, Geo Godley
Backing vocals: Jenny of Island records Fallout Shelter Chiswick London & friend
Piano, keyboards, synth, brass, strings, sound effects, fair use parody samples: Geo Godley
Bass: Studio Electronics Moog, KORG EX8000, Roland ??? & Yamaha clavinova: Geo Godley
Electric guitar bit: session musician
Sound engineers: David Garnish, James Reynolds, ..
Versions: Students house London dorm room demo / Vons studio London Caledonian road version [“i hate you mother already” said the sound engineer] / Matrix Studios London version / Roundhouse Studio version / Chelsea home studio demos / Bunk Junk Genius version / Dori protools versions/ Strongroom Studios London remix, Sony master [above, released online 1 march 2023]
Story/ production notes: Age 17, about to graduate from boarding school, I [] recorded my 2nd mother’s verbal abuse on the phone. “You’re up the creek without a paddle! You get into a 3rd rate college! That is the end of you!” & sampled it into this personally written & produced song 5 years later. She cut me off for doing music which she considered low class & unacceptable yet ironically unwittingly co-wrote & performed this hit [← lol] everyone liked.. She cried with nostalgia to old songs she taught me saying “you need it” like “Siko horepse syrtaki”, “Yalo Yalo”,”San pio krasi”, “Tha’rtho mia nyxta me fengari” “gia mia kitharitsa” “Stis Plakas Tis Anifories”.. The full phone conversation includes threats of force to do a post graduate year in an all boys English school to “learn self discipline” which ironically was “laissez faire”: “You shouldn’t have to stay up all night to study for exams” said Tim Perry.

-ALTERNATIVE BROWSERS, SEARCH ENGINES & PLATFORMS:,,,, & 100 domains [blocked on cellphones] [blocked on Apple store laptops sun 19 & 26 feb 2023 video evidence] [VIEWCOUNTER FRAUD #FAILs to count views] [Dailymotion commits Nuremberg Code Crimes Against Humanity through censorhip of informed consent of deadliest MRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot DEMOCIDE. nov/dec 2022 video deletion]

-👑George Godley = 16 degree relative of British Royal Family lolücksburg-1&person2Name=Godley-142&relation=0&ignoreIds=

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo (like youtube google & dailymotion) committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” real clot shot victims. Click here for legal evidence: Thank you for your patience while we replace the 120+ deleted stolen Vimeo & youlube videos’ embed codes & links on different platforms & self hosted dedicated servers.


Biden & UN WHO “Pandemic Treaty” Will Crush US Sovereignty

What 5G Really Means. 9min “2 BILLION DEATHS”


The Mindset is Shifting – No Smart Cities, No Smart Prison—No-Smart-Cities%2C-No-Smart-Prison:e?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Covid “vaccines”: 38X stillbirths, 57X miscarriages, 1200X menstrual abnormalities says James Thorp MD

Virtually everything the government said & did in terms of COVID was a lie, says Harvey Risch MD PhD Yale University professor


Histopathological reevaluation serious adverse events and deaths following COVID-19 “vaccination”


Uncensored: Maria Zeee RAGES!!! Uninjected Have Same Nanotech, Clots, Graphene as Injected with Dr. Ana

The ‘Deafening Silence’ from Corporate Media Outlets Suggests They Are Complicit in a MASS MURDER



Toxic by Design With Michael Yeadon, PH.D.

Barrie Trower and Reiner Fuellmich – 5G: Microwave as a Weapon – International Crimes Investigative Committee

Pfizer and Moderna Didn’t Create Covid Vax, it was a Pentagon Project says Robert Kennedy Jr.

Catherine Austin Fitts — Facial Recognition Technology

Lounger & scrounger video call wed 8 feb 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0096S03


Lounger & scrounger video call wed 8 feb 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0096S03

Lounger & scrounger video call wed 8 feb 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0096S03—scrounger-video-call-wed-8-feb-2023-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-Clip0096S03:8?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

outline & transcript in progress  [punctuation, capitalizing, highlights, timestamps, notes, funny autodictation errors, production notes, see document]

Wednesday 8 February 2023. 7:20 PM, right? 7:21 PM thanks for visiting,,,,, and 100 domains. Just a quick intro. I’m offline a lot now because I gotta get going. We’re at the finish line. Gotta put this whole package together and.. Just thinking, what if nothing happens? Move on ahole.. so I’m just calling my friend. I just don’t like this situation. I’m very disappointed. I can see there’s some foul play, some view count fraud or something going on, some blockage on my.. Is that social media? The video hosting like Bitchute [Bit Shoot], Odyssey and Rumble and archive [.org] and all those other platforms, I still want an online presence, so I’m gonna stick with it for a little bit, but I just don’t see why you know, I shouldn’t be wasting time on that ‘cause it’s stopping me from doing everything else. You know the five goals. [docufeature film, docuseries, photo books, music soundtrack, website]. And especially with this covid & climate fraud, tyranny, genocide, crimes against humanity thing constantly playing out. I shouldn’t get involved in the discussion. Let them argue it out. Put the links on your site and take it from there. Why’s my skin dry here, like on the bottom of the feet? What’s going on here? What is this? By the way, is this flexible? Can you do that? So a yea it’s casual today because, you know, it’s after hours. That was a good movie, wasn’t it? Was that “after hours”? The paperweights and the crazy night where he go.. I don’t want to just talk about old films cause I do follow new ones too, but uh.. These are great discussions. I’m going to call my friend now, Hayk. The costar. I didn’t shave Jees. Maybe I should dim the lights, dim the cabin. Unprepared again. Well, this was, you know, he emails me well he sends me a Facebook thing. 2m25 He’s like “I’m going to Poland. You coming?” I gotta get going, man. Here, I’ve got my five goals, ok? I know I said it before, that’s why I don’t want to say it again. You know, talk is cheap. Let’s get going here. “No mo talk” like that guy [Willie D] says. But. yea, let’s finish this thing up and let’s get  going. So I said I’d call. So let’s go. And it’s unprepared it’s not a prepared call, but it’s not like a proper performance or anything, but I might put this up anyway cause I want to stay a little active. I don’t know how active given the view count fraud cause as we said. Uh. Google Anal-ytics and Hypestat and similar web are fraudsters, total liar fraudsters trying to make me look bad, trying to belittle marginalize and destroy. Anyway. Yeah, like hypestat saying I got 7 visitors a day when my web host says I have at least 400 a day, around 12,000 a month, 400 a day. I know it’s nothing, I wouldn’t brag about it. It’s still very low. But it’s not seven a day, OK? So I have to show that on my website because people are going to see seven a day and they’ll be like, what the hell? Just because hypestat is a fraud and a liar, defamer, Libeller and defamer. And so’s Goggle Analytics. Google Anal-ytics tells you you have under 100 a day when it’s 400 a day you know again, and a similar web tells you you have under 5000 a month when it’s you know, December [2022] was 17,000 a month. January [2023] was 12,000 a month [allegedly, accoring to web host]. And that’s without even trying. I’m not really, I’m not. It’s not a proper website, it’s just a little blog. I’m just putting some things up there. I’m not doing it full time. I’m not gonna sit there just to get nowhere. End of the day, you’re not really, no matter what the numbers are if there’s no, if it’s not paying the mortgage or the rent or the whatever, if you’re not getting rewarded.. Anyway, you get the point. So, just to clear that up because you know. Let’s go. 5min owot. Hey. Hey Gaaik, how you doing? Do you see me now? Yes. What was wrong before when I called earlier, it’s. I guess your power was low and there’s no is that it? It’s not the reason, I think not to let you see my video. Maybe. Who knows. So Poland huh? Poland. Yeah, I’ll go to renew my passport because it’s getting expired these days. Yeah, me too. I’ll go almost the last day to prolong or to renovate my passport. Me too. I gotta go to America to do my drivers license, all of that. You can’t do it in England? I don’t know. You can at the embassy, but it will cost you like extra 100 pounds. This is the reason I didn’t want to renovate in Armenia. I just said I’m going to save these $100. It expires. Mine already expired during the COVID FRAUD, TYRANNY and GENOCIDE. You can do it any anytime you have a passport you can go back and forth. So mine is. My problem is that I can’t be, I can’t get in to Poland without extending it. Oh. what’s up? What’s going on? I’m focusing on uh, you know just the show, I’m at I’m doing the final cut thing. They kept canceling the, they kept postponing the the course. But you’re right I know, I went, I looked at the videos but I have some very specific questions. Hey is there a way to make.. I’m going to try not to shout ‘cause I’m recording. You you see how wide it is. You can see my camera and and the lights. I can put my headphones for you to listen better because my.. it’s fine. It’s fine, man. It’s OK. I can’t hear you. This is the problem. That’s why you have to shout. Now you can speak quiet. Tears for Fears. Yeah, very loud now. No, it got louder. Yea a lot. By the way, do you know this actor? This one. Not that one. This one. I can’t see his face. It’s all white. OK, let me see again. This is him. No, I don’t know him very well. 8min I don’t think. this one. OK, so I find that he’s a copy of my face when yeah, it was like. My face was similar to him about 20 years ago. Yeah, I wanted to ask you about that. I wanted to ask you, why don’t you try to look more like you looked 20 years ago? Why do you want to make yourself look so much older? OK, listen. I’m in Yerevan. I don’t do anything. I’m at home mostly I’m doing my stuff here. And why do I need to look better when I need to look better I do something. Yeah, it once a week or twice a month. I do it. now I just don’t don’t take care of beard and not putting nice clothing. And this is & that. Because. OK. My character is this. I’m saving, saving, saving. This is my problem in my brain, you know it’s I can’t do.. 9m10 Saving? So this is a serious problem, by the way. It’s not a character. Oh you mean not spending. Yeah, but sometimes I’m asking if I would have $1,000,000 and I would die next day, would I go and spend like at least $20,000 in one night? I feel like I wouldn’t do that. This is a serious.. Condition. This is a weird problem, man. Disorder. Yeah, cause I gave you enough to buy a nice computer and you got a bad computer. You don’t get Internet. OK, in this case, because I needed to spend.. That’s why I. You know, my.. apartment? my situation, my other things and this too many things to have a larger computer. Luxurious computer. But not even Wi-Fi. I can’t even show you a video, you know. Anyway, uh, so yeah. So I’m doing the show and I’m tidying up because they said World War three could come and I gotta be ready to leave if there’s.. if possible. Believe me, it won’t come. It said it won’t happen. He said. He said he did it. Biden last year, he said. “If we send tanks, it’s World War three, make no mistake.” And now one year later, we’re sending tanks. Motherf—. Yeah, OK, I will explain this situation. If he would send that those tanks, right the time when he was telling about that, it would happen. But now slowly the situation is such that they could send millions of tanks and World War three wouldn’t happen. I mean, Putin is getting ready and he knows about that and Putin knows about that. And slowly they are making this war to grow and grow, when everything is slow, never happens anything bad. Slowly all the world will be at war, but not atomic war. It just slowly will fight. Will fight everywhere maybe, but I think people are getting tired. After serious wars there will be like 50 years of draw, how do you say.. yea tie, draw. Yeah, it will be tje. Stalemate. Because people are getting tired. Well, after World War Two there was like 40- 50 years of no serious conflicts in the world, only small Arabic conflicts and this and that, it took like seven days to finish. Now we need another one or two years of fight in Ukraine for all the world to understand and get scared and tired and be very much tolerant. Stalemate. Yeah, stalemate. But, you know, quarter million Ukrainians died, man, they’re just killing. So what can the world do. The world is ready for that, they’re not dying. Ukrainians are dying. So nobody cares. They even like this videos, you know, I felt like people enjoy, of course, with sad faces, they say haaa look at that oh wow, but they are just enjoying with sad faces. Who? who enjoys people dying man? OK, not dying but this scenery when tanks are blowing and this scenery is like people’s joy. That’s why nobody goes out to the streets and nobody is protesting against the war. Nobody, very few people, OK, very few people instead of everybody should go out and complain for that. Nobody. In Armenia, everybody is quiet. Fine. In the news. They show sceneries and they’re fine with that. This is the problem. 13m45 Biden, the criminal, Biden, he gave him [corrupt comedian puppet Zelensky]  $100 billion dollars. Imagine just like that. Yea of course, everybody. To launder [money laundering] OK, you have to understand, Biden is a businessman. He’s a criminal. So this is the business, the world business. It’s a joy. It’s video sceneries. Have you seen all these videos? Which ones? The ones that drones are falling and killing people and shooting, they’re so many videos and of course this gonna happen one day if people will say that’s enough, we’re tired, we don’t want to see and then maybe the the war will be finished because. I don’t know. So yeah so. Oh, there’s 14m45 I wanted to go to Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico. The the guy that I follow, Max Igan,, that guy that comments on the news every few days and very intelligent and very.. Yeah.. he’s there with all the freedom fighters. Del Bigtree, another big American news guy who’s big you know who fought the tyranny and stopped.. all these people, you know, they won against the government, you know, for all the mandates. Otherwise people would still be wearing masks and still be injected with this poison. You know, it killed 20 million people, that guy said [Peter Halligan, Dr. Hodkinson]. Anyway, Anarchapulco, I wanted to go to Acapulco, but it’s too late there. It’s this week and. I just wanted to go somewhere nice warm because it’s been so long, you know? That’s why I wouldn’t go to Poland, because it’s just not warm. Yeah, it’s not the best season, but like in the middle of the spring it will be much better. Will you be there? You’re gonna be there in.. I’ll try to stay there longer. Oh, OK. And you will enjoy if you come believe me, it’s the place where I know people, young people, and they’re like from films. I have to work. And then we meet all the time and every time they invite me to come to to be extra and you could join it, they don’t mind you are from America or from Poland or from where they just invite you. They don’t pay a lot, they pay 10- 15 bucks. But you enjoy this time because you are surrounded with a lot of youngsters, young people and they are talkative, they like Americans, they speak English and. This is why it’s a nice place to enjoy, and there are a lot of Caucasian type of people, a lot. You mean.. sometimes there are episodes where they meet only Caucasian types.. You mean.. when I go there, I see all Chechen families.. He means.. Like, what is it? Just a minute, when you say Caucasian, you don’t mean white people. You mean, Oh, yeah, sorry, sorry. You mean you’re right, you’re right. My type. You mean from the Caucasus Area. Which is.. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.. I’m wrong that’s my fault. No cause they’ll think you’re being racist if you say there’s cauc.., but you don’t mean. OK, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, from Caucasia. OK. I thought Caucasians are from Caucasia, but actually, in English, it means white people, right? No, no, it can mean both, but you have to specify. Certify, specify. What is Caucasia. Is it Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan? No. What is it? Caucasia is actually where Chechens live. Osetia. Chechen [chicken auto dictation spell error lol]  Dagestanis, Sochi. Other places, we are Transcaucasia, trans. Hahahah Trance you mean transKafkazia. Yeah. You don’t have such a term [turd auto dictation error lol]  like Transcaucasia?Yeah. Yeah, probably, yeah. In Polish, they use trans Caukazia. It’s just not very common usage in America. They don’t know.. America they don’t even know where you know.. OK, under Caucasia. Do you have such a term [turd] under Caucasia? Heheheh Again ugly word. So I said.. In Armenia any word you say, it associates with some sexual thing, you know? Like “shaking” it’s ugly word. So many words. Whenever you say a word, you have to be careful. This regular Armenian word means something from pornography heh. Yeah. Sexual content is not very handy. I thought of that earlier. I was like sexual content is not very handy. And I was like, pardon the pun, handy and handy if you’re not [auto playing] using it.. friendly. Sometimes they say friendly when the cameras they’re advertising. They say it’s handy, yeah, and sometimes very friendly too. You can understand it, all the tricks and stuff. In Germany they call the mobile phone “handy”. Mine hendy. Anyway. 19m30 Are you dealing with Germans because you know German but I never heard you know any German friends or, you know you have. The manager in the hotel here was, I went to the park with her one afternoon, but she got injected. She got all the [MRNA lipid nanoparticle bio weapon clot shot] [fake] “vaccines” and she disappeared. I don’t know what happened. She just she was.. she’s not answering? I just, she left the country and uh she but she was so stupid for a German person you would think it’s funny how you and me we escaped. We escaped this fraud this democide you know 20 million dead man. 20 million, he was right, huge numbers man huge huh. Do you know, they’re all saying it, and I’ve seen it. I see people, so many people limping lot of disability.. anyway you’d think.. It’s getting over man, soon. nobody’s gonna talk about that. This “vaccine” thing is getting over. Maybe once again in two years they’ll try to provoke epidemia and this and that, but it will die away, because now people are enough smart not to support this stupid ideas. 20m50 No, they want to force. W.H.O World Holocaust organization. World Health Organization. I call them world Holocaust. World Hell. World homicide. Anyway, W yeah, World Health Organization. That criminal. Tedros. Adaman, Gebreyzus. [give Bezos]. Whatever. That guy. Well, yeah, I know. I know this. You know he’s puppet from China [ccp]. China put him there. China. China is controlling all of this and. But he’s Egyptian right? Eritrea.. Ethiopian.. and the American government was behind Pfizer just said. American government, they delivered the American government’s fraud. It was the American government that was controlling all this sh****. It got corrupted by China or by anyway. But they’re trying again. They’re trying again The Who, they’re still trying again now in May they want to make some vote where they’re gonna tell you to get injected. They wanna force you to again. They wanna do it, man. This mRNA ship lipid nanoparticle. You know it sterilized a lot of a lot of people won’t have children now because it goes to the organs. Yeah, but those who got this “vaccine” and now they are having children, right? [gene modified damaged] Some. You see, what happened was they did experiments. So some are safe, some are not safe. And that alone is fraud. You’re not supposed to play games like that when you’re doing that, you’re supposed to have one product. The one last important thing that the kids won’t have tails or some extra atalisitic [birth defects] stuff. Many will be sick, man. We don’t. Nobody knows the exact what’s going on, but they know a lot of people died, a lot of people got hurt. So.. I see so Geo, about final cut. Please don’t go deep into the knowledge of understanding all the details of final cut. I have some questions. all you need like three tools or even two. 23min I can do basics. I can. I’ve already done basics. So that’s enough man. That’s enough. No, no, no. I need to blur faces. I need to put my logo in the bottom. I need to hey is there a way to make a a photo from the video with one button only and not five menus? I showed you one button on the right top. Right up here. I have to see that again. It’s in the messages. I send you. I can send you this lesson, but you hate youtube. But this lesson is from YouTube. I saw it. I did the I even two days ago. I looked at one, but he again, he did five menus. You got to pick open this menu and then decide you’re.. OK only first time you do it. Next time you you just click one or maximum two things and you got this photo. Two things just.. really? you yeah you turn your. You stop on the picture you want and then two clicks. Is it in the messages before? If I scroll up, I’ll find it that you sent? OK, I will do, I will you send it again. OK? but yeah, if I can do it with one button it’d be. I’m just sometimes confused if this lesson is from YouTube. I can’t send it to you because you hate them, but you have to use them. I do. Yeah, sometimes I do, man. But I avoid them. By the way, if you think you are fired from YouTube, you think people did that or this is algorithm, algorithm did that to you. No the people decide, final decision is human decision. I thought it’s just automatically it happens. No I even emailed somebody there because I went to the conventions when they stole the first account was 200 videos. Uh, what happened then? Did I? I think even then I asked someone. I had somebody. [Fullscreen partner program Mr. Feuerberg] They’re like, “I’m sorry the decision is final”. They sent me an e-mail. Regrets decision is final. OK, I understand. 13,000 videos in the second time. So.. what if you try again but this time not too many. They stole 13,000 videos. I can never trust them again. It’s not worth it. And by the way, my view count is, my website is doing pretty well.. really? well. It’s you know, 12,000 a month, 40,000 page views sometimes a month, you know, when we [were in Greece 2018 it was 270,000 pageviews a month], when, but the video view counts very bad. Very bad. My video view counts only a few hundred. It depends on the like on bitchute, I’m on [bit shoot] now there I get a few hundred on each video, sometimes 1000 you know very little man, it’s not you know it’s it’s hardly worth it but I just wanted to for my embeds on my site. But Odyssey very bad Rumble.. Rumble. I had like 8,000 on each video and and then I put this doctor [Vernon Coleman] who he’s saying all the truth and everything but and then all of a sudden I have almost nothing. heheh I don’t know if somebody fcuked it up.. Apple bought but Rumble.. Apple. So I don’t know. But they have other people on there again, you know, critical of the situation and they got huge numbers, man, huge [Stew Peters “Died Suddenly” documentary 17Million views]. So you were happy with that or you were expecting more? It’s very bad, man. Very bad. It’s not worth doing. So I’m going to move on, but I’ll keep the website. I don’t wanna waste time even on the website. I can’t just keep putting the news. And if they’re not watching the videos, what am I going to put man? So I’ll take a break, I’ll take a break and just leave it for a bit because I concentrate on.. OK. People like sometimes weird things short things, fast things, Where’s the money, man? expressive things. I made one video I told you in TikTok. I got half a million views. You think.. yea sure.. because I said something in weird way, I went like this. “You know that you don’t exist, nobody exists” hehehe & I did this so people start like commenting thousands of comments I got. Nobody exists because in time we are not existing, the future didn’t come yet the past is over already. So the past and future are in one billions of seconds stick together, so it means we are in this second. But there is no second, it has to be divided billions of times. We can’t find ourselves in the time, so we are not existing and that’s it. What a pile of bullsh*t man. What the hell is that? Just a philosophical stupid cheating idea. Stupid. It worked, you know, so many people said, yeah man, you are right. Haha. So many people, yeah. Yeah, you are right. So many people. Damn, you are right. We agree. Agreed. So I didn’t prepare anything, man. I got a whole bunch of questions for you, but let’s do it properly. I’m going to do it proper thing.Yeah. I didn’t prepare for for tonight because.. So this spring, your friend Arthur is not planning anything. Don’t know. No galleries, nothing. I think I should. I think the project needs to be finished here and I gotta move on. Um.. So we’ll talk later in this.. America. America and a. Hey, you know, uh, they’re saying the “vaccinated”, 29m10 the fake “vaccinated” ‘cause it’s not a vaccine, it’s a bioweapon, very dangerous spike protein and lipid nanoparticle particle M RNA. They said when they’re breathing, you can catch it from them and you can get sick. Your blood is getting destroyed from the “vaccinated”. That’s what a lot of doctors said this. They showed it with pictures they showed even a year ago. Anyway, I don’t know, but I had a massage and the guy was like, I’m like, Oh my God, he wouldn’t open the window, the door. Ok Geo, people who are weak with their and immune system, they can get any diseases because the world is surrounded with diseases but our body is protected. We are eating proper food our body gets immune system and it can protect itself from everything. By the way I told you my ex-wife Olga who has a son whose name is David, you know about that, she’s an immunologist so you should talk to her. I would like you to introduce to her. By the way, if one day we go to America that could be a good continuation of story that I’m trying to get my son and he’s rejecting me. That’s going to be interesting. You should record it. Just.. what camera? yea it could be a live recorded that it could happen in such a way. If you could plan it, that could be such a great continuation of this story, right? What camera are you using? Nothing? This moment I’m not recording because I don’t go outside a lot. It’s.. & I’m not able to make good stories outside it’s.. enh. 31m10 You don’t have a junk stuff technique for giving out? Hm? What do you mean? some junk equipment that you don’t use. A camera or some telephones or whatever. Yeah. So could you put in such a thing? I one day I could grab it. What? Old cameras? Any old one that you don’t use like some.. You told you have some cameras, some Sonys from from years ago that you don’t use. But. Most of them are broken. They got a lot of problems. Oh I can fix, don’t worry about it. I have to see what’s going on. I have to take an inventory. Do you take an inventory? What do you do with all your magazines? throw them away? I got too many. No, no, no, I don’t. I don’t throw away. I by the way, I have all the photos you gave me last time. Hahaha You remember those small ones? I don’t know what to do. Probably I’m going to glue them on the wall. Those ugly ones from that that photo album, that eBay photo album? Yeah. No eBay photos, man. You bought it from the shop like photos of [19]50s. You remember you were you gave me when I was in England, those small ones. It was from a eBay photo album. Black and white, right? black and white. Here they are, man.. from England, right? From Wales or something. Yeah, black and white. And they smell and they’re just horrible, man. Smell? Yeah, they’re terrible, man. Some can look good, right? Some you look at them and you’re like, wow, that’s so beautiful. But yeah. You see them. That one looks OK. But most of them were ugly, right? Most of them really ugly haheheh. But it’s a story, man. It’s a story. When I was in Greece. Uh. Oh yeah, see that, that’s a nice one. Anything with a beach I like. You see that’s.. you want it back? No, no, keep it. But and it’s really good when there’s a a date and location on the back. When they write it down that’s.. I bought a whole bunch that they have the date and location in mint condition. From the 50s. Yeah, you see, yeah, that’s. I think it’s a resort and Wales or somewhere in England, right? Yeah. Or.. it’s a family, British family.. or towards France. Like, what do you call it? Calais. I went to Calais once. Yeah, they’re not bad, actually. Those are nice. There were some other.. OK in video they are nice, but they’re reality they are so much flat, no contrast, nothing but it’s fine. Actually, they’re from 1960s. It’s already something. And I told you I found Armenian family photos, like thousands of those. I don’t know what to do with them. So where.. I found it. Where do you put all your junk, man? ‘cause I gotta declutter. I’m still. I still don’t know where to put.. so many boxes I have here. Really? So you do hoard, you’re harder. Hehehe.. Yeah, I’m like.. Well, you have storage. archivarious. Look how many I found. Archivarious. The person who are are have a lot of archives. Archivist. You see this? Yeah, I don’t that’s. They’re boring. When it’s family poses, it can be boring. Yeah, that’s right. You’re right. I like candid, adventurous kind of travel & things. But they told me to throw oh. Oh, you see, that can be interesting. Hey that.. She looks like Margaret Thatcher. Hahaha That could be, yeah. Yeah, I don’t know what to do. Yea the first child of Margaret Thatcher. Look. Oh, that’s Margaret Thatcher, too. Yeah, that’s not her. Yeah. You see those? Yeah, I’ve outgrown those. I really don’t want to waste my time on that. See yea oh wow yea. God. That’s it. 36m15 So soon I will go by bus to Georgia and then I’ll take an airplane. From Kutaisi. It’s a very cheap ticket, by the way. You know how much I pay for the ticket, $39. To go from Kutaisi to.. Warsaw. God. Almost $39 I paid from here to go to Kutaisi. I mean by bus. Why don’t you just fly out of Yerevan? oh I have to pay 200 or more buckses .That’s OK. I don’t know. This way I save 100. What did you eat for dinner? Potatoes fried, but very nicely done. I made them like it much, much better than in McDonald’s. What oil? Vegetable, of course only vegetable. I don’t use any other oil except vegetable ones. I heard it’s toxic, man, all this oil, only olive.. no, no, no. Only olive is [all of us] OK, all the other oils are very toxic, they said. Let me see.. what do you think.. That’s sunflower man. Of course. No, no change. Start olive oil only, man. It’s expensive, but it’s it’ll save your life. That stuff will kill you, man, they said. They said it’s it’s not good. hehehehe I’m avoiding it.. Man 60 years I’m using it. Now I have to use it. Not quite, but. Don’t make yourself older, man. They’re gonna think.. Hey you have.. OK, I’m not. I’m feeling, not feeling bad because all the 38m people who got like 40 years old, I know a lot of people. I look younger than them, man. Hahaha! yea, I look younger and faster. I have more energy.. when you shave. All these 40 years old guys are uugghhh urgghh. 38m30 Last night I got an inflammation here. I went to put the hair dryer on right here. It just attacked me out of the blue. And it must be from the hepatitis B vaccine because it happened always after that. And what else? I don’t know. You were inflammation is too fast, I feel like it shouldn’t happen like that. Probably one reason that you have this inflammation [information] is because you don’t mind about fresh air all the time you want fresh air, you are sleeping without covering your body. No i do.This is every time even in summer time, I sleep with covers. How do you say covered body. Covers yeah. I cover my myself. It’s very important because when you are sleeping, your body gets warm temperature, high temperature. You have to keep this high temperature not to give away. And this is the maybe one of the main secrets that you got inflammation. Ask your doctors. No.. you don’t believe me, but ask your doctors. It drops when you lie down. No, everything happened after the hepatitis B vaccine 20 years ago. I took it. And then one year later I had this autoimmune condition. Everybody got this vaccine. Everybody got vaccine. Not hepatitis B. Did you? I don’t know exact name but when I was kid I got 3 – 4 vaccines. I remember when I was kid they they even made a sign right here. You know that. You mean a mark, it left a mark. Yeah I know I got one too. So believe me, one reason that you are getting some pains in your body is because you are not covering yourself in a proper way. In summer time, you don’t give a sheet [auto dictation error lol]. No last night it happened when I was sitting here man, that was fine. I’m always here every night. Yeah, but there is a draw [draught] in the room. You don’t feel it. Believe me, there is areas always making, what’s the physical term? It’s draft, I know, but the windows were shut, man, only in the [other room]. No it doesn’t matter, closed apartment has draught, [soul?] but draw, draft, draft draft, even if windows are shut and in this room? yes. Because do you know what is it warm and cold and circulation, air circulation. Do you know what is it? The currents, current. Yeah, in one part of the apartment is always colder than the other part of the apartment. So cold goes to the hot and hot comes to the cold and always there is something circulating. 41m20 And that’s why if you sit anywhere, doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter how warm your apartment is, you can get this draft in your body and you won’t feel it. When you are sleeping it’s even worser. When you are sleepy, so it happens with you and in the morning you wake up, you feel fine. In 2-3 hours you get this pain. That’s why always I get closed. My body is always closed. Doesn’t matter summer, winter. OK, 42m next time I prepare the questions because I have them on the computer, but it’s difficult to have the picture and the questions. Unless they’re very together, so I’ll put them all together so I can see them quickly. And by the way, your film gonna be very great if you’re gonna believe me, that “conflict and beginning, middle and end it’s a bullsh** [bold sheet] created with some stupid scientist who wanted to earn money selling their books.” In reality no script writer good scriptwriter uses this kind of structures. Believe me. Ask any professionals if ever they think about this structure. Storytelling is just telling stories. Not thinking oh, here I have to put the conflict because it’s 10th minute at the beginning I have to show all the characters. The main character should show his character the first five minutes. Who said this? Sheet. Only 5-10% of the films are this type, the rest is totally another way. Just selling to people this kind of structure ideas. I went to, by the way, in the spring in Poland there will be script fiesta every spring  they have this and I always attended years ago, so they can, I met there very famous scriptwriters. And you are welcome to come there. It’s free entrance and you can even put your script there. It’s a pitching [peaching] way they can finance you if your idea is going to work. By the way, they take a film ideas [few my dear] short ideas for short films and programs, TV programs. God you’re talking so much. I think you didn’t talk to someone for a long time, right? You’re not letting me talk. OK. Do it. did you not talk to somebody for a long time? Yes. Really? No, no. I’m a talkative from the beginning. From my nature. OK, my movie, my show is a diary, right? So it’s chronological. So what’s the problem? I mean, for the film, it’s OK. Just just make people be involved in your story. I thought you were telling me you don’t like chronological. I thought this was the.. no no if you gonna pick up all the best parts of your stories, I mean, even if it will go chronologically. Doesn’t matter. Of course, it’s your life. So what’s the problem? What are you telling me? What’s what are you saying? What? I’m just telling you to don’t worry that you don’t have big conflicts. The main conflicts. everything main is bullsh**. Everything what? main? When you say it has to be main conflict, then twisting points and this kind of structure. I remember we discussed the about that a lot. So it’s a bullsh**. Contemporary cinematography just destroyed all these kind of sheets. Now I see such a films and they are great. By the way, 45m30 Manchester by the Sea I can send it to you. It’s 2 Gigabyte GB film. I don’t know how I can do it. Maybe on the clouds. Google.. put it on. Well, they it’s copyrighted. They don’t like it. So I don’t know. But no, no, Google Cloud can help us. I saw the trailer. It’s enough. I don’t like it, man. No, no, no, you can’t judge by the trailer. This film you have to watch it. Believe me, it will inspire you. It will free you, and you will start editing your film like such a way. I like vlogs. I don’t like the fantasy so much anymore ‘cause my.. it’s not the fantasy [font, does he] It a real realistic. Real life film. It’s more real than any film ever you saw. It’s a real life like we are talking like we are discussing. But I prefer you know video diary vlog. Yeah but still you want something to show in festivals. To be involved to make success and people ‘ll be interested, they’ll cooperate with you, but you’re not planning to go to Cannes [Camp] festival, right? When is it, may? Usually yea in spring. I’ll see how far I get with.. 46m50 but anyway, so for the next few months I’m not going anywhere unless it’s to swim somewhere briefly, but that’s it, I’m not going. Maybe Cannes could help us just to go to find out some people who would discuss with you this subject and.. I’ve been there many times, a few times and it’s always a waste. Yeah, because you’re not talking to people, No, I did.. you’re just talking to ladies. i talk.. how do you know what i did? You have to see producers, film directors, talk about.. i did.. show something, show some footage and.. it’s not.. At least to know people. Yeah, yeah, sure. Been there, done that. It’s time to get going here. And I’ll.. anyway, so I can’t go to Poland because that’s not gonna help me at all. 47m30 [background hissing noise?!] I’ve got to finish this project and take it to America, see what they say, and if they don’t like it, internet doesn’t look like it’s.. I have this book, how to increase your traffic, but it’s like I have to sit there reading that now? Anyway. I would recommend you to be busy with filmmaking, not so much scientifical stuff, I don’t know. That’s up to you. So what about.. I have these old hard drives from 20 years ago and I put them on new hard drives now much faster, right? Of course. Those it took literally like 10 hours to copy it, whereas now it takes like 10 minutes. OK, So what do I do with those slow drives that it takes 10 hours when I have the fast one for 10 minutes? Do I throw away for you the 10 hour drives? Are they very heavy? Altogether yes, ‘cause I made copies and copies just in case, and some got corrupted because they’re. I noticed 46m30 the YouTube stolen ones that have dropouts in them but I have to go through everything and see what’s going on. But if yeah, it’s like a whole bunch of, let’s say it’s a whole.. Let’s say it’s a couple suitcases. What do I put them in storage just in case ‘cause you can’t have enough copies, right? Just in case. Yeah, just leave it, don’t throw it, just leave. Maybe one day you will need. If not then you will see so it takes place [space]? Because they.. well. Anyway. OK. So should we talk.. so when you call me next time? Hey, hey. What time is it there? Is it three hours ahead or four, it’s 8:00 o’clock now here. What is it? So it’s 12, [midnight] maybe more. You’re 4 hours. Yes. 4 hours ahead. Hey, I got dry skin here on my foot on my heel. Very dry. So what, everybody has. How do you stop it? It’s like. Nobody can stop it. It’s you are just changing your skin. Hahaha change my skin. See, like a snake. Everybody changes so you have to do the same. Do you have that? Of course. I just, when I wash my feet, I just scratch them slowly. When it’s wet, it’s it’s easy to scratch. They said I need a pumice stone. There’s a special stone. Yeah, I know, I know. My needles are OK my. Nails, nails, nails. Fine with that. 50m15 Hey, what happened to your tooth when we were in Greece, you remember you had a tooth that that got broken. Is that the one that fell out? Yes. You remember you were going like this with the metal thing? Hahah I was making a hole. Why? Why man? To get rid of the those gasses. What on the tooth? yeah what actually I was right. Wait wait wait wait. So So what did you you took a metal tooth like a clip. Paper clip? No, I took a needle and I wanted to make a hole. Inside inside the tooth? Yes, you were.. in the hole where that was black I was trying to make a hole. Wait, so inside the tooth. Yes. Didn’t it hurt? Why not? Because already my tooth was hurting so ugly that this nail could just.. the nerve died? No, it was in his way to die. When it dies you don’t feel any pain. Yea that’s what happened to mine. So nerve was getting inflated [inflamed]. And when it was it, it starts dying it tries to be get rotted. So this rotten thing is projecting gases, produces gases, and the gas doesn’t know where to get out from there. It enlarges the tooth and the nerve gets very much pressed. Pus, right? Pus. Pus? it’s the rotten liquid you know when it’s infected. Yeah, but when there is no hole, it doesn’t know where to get rid of these gases. The gas is getting, when something is getting rotten, how it gets rotten? it changes its situation into gas. Every food is getting gases right when it gets rotten. 52m15 OK, one more thing. Hey I burned my hand on the. It was very bad, man. I had a huge blister bubble. Yeah, you have to wait until 20 days 10 days to get rid of it. It’s been a month now but it’s still not perfect. Should I.. Yeah, you should put some salt the first day when it happened. But it was so big, you know what happened. I put, I did some beans in the oven and I’m not.. I never used the oven all these years and so I didn’t know that it stays [hot] the pan had a handle, right? I forgot that 10 minutes later it’s still hot when it’s outside the oven. Hehehe Actually it’s not a good place here because it’s not getting too much air, & always it’s closed when you are sleeping and it doesn’t get dry. You have to dry up this hand. So when you sleep try to put such a in such a way to dry up. Because in the night you are always closed & the air doesn’t work there. But do you think it’s going to fix 100% or will it always be a little bit.. No no no you will get rid of it. Because some burn victims, they don’t heal right. If it’s too deep, it can scar right. No this one is OK, man. It’s.. everybody gets this problem. Don’t worry. Do you use the oven or only the electric stove. No no,  oven. You use the oven? Yes. Wow. How do you remember not to burn your hands? How do you remember, did happen to you? Yes, sometimes. But now when you were getting older, you of course feel it, understand how to grab it. But you didn’t put a pan with a long handle that you have to grab, right? You put the short handle ones so you remember right? Yeah, you don’t put the big. Actually, when I burn my hand, you know what I do? I put right in the cold place. Doesn’t matter which kind of cold place to get rid of the energy and then salt, I put salt. Yeah. I will check my Internet right now and it will be right there. Do you see me now? Just your photo. Oh wait, I will just check my Internet. How what’s the situation because sometimes I get rid of and it stops suddenly my Internet. 55min Do you have something else? OK. Very few Internet left. OK man. I’ll call you maybe in a week with the questions maybe, right? Yeah, OK. Just put some information when for me to be ready, OK? Yeah, OK. 55min Hey valentines day coming up. sh**** I didn’t do the dating apps. I didn’t do the dating.. It doesn’t work here so much. I mean with me, I don’t know where to go whom to see. Why don’t you do the dating apps? I don’t know. Would you put your real age? My housekeeper, she went on the dating apps. I asked her, do you put your real age or do you make yourself younger? She says she puts her real age. She got sick again. You know, she got injected three times. 3 fake “vaccines”. Even though I told her after two, I said look man, it’s killing a lot of people, hurting a lot of people. she went and took the third, right. Oh, my brother, my brother. Well, I don’t want to talk about other people but I spoke with my brother and he also, I told him last year stop, you don’t. It’s very deadly. He went and took more. But anyway, so she’s sick all the time man. All these “vaccinated” people they’re always.. every.. [ksss ksss handling noise****** avoid] well, they’re getting sick, you know? Also OK so my Internet is like one minute, OK man, alright so I’ll call you another time. OK, so we’ll be in contact in 10 days or something, OK. See you. Have a nice day. Have a nice evening. Bye. Whew. 56m50 He’s on a tight budget. Not. No I helped him out last time we did the Greek episode, you know, in exchange. I helped him out a bit. I thought he was going to get a decent computer, Internet and stuff. Instead he’s got, he’s using Wi-Fi and cheap Internet that runs out and he’s really frugal. Which can be good at times, but other times it’s like you know, it’s like limiting so. So that was my friend Gaaik [guy] from Armeney. Armenia and he’s in a lot of the episodes. Which I’ll be editing now, which I’ve been editing. I I I I I I IIIII. I forgot to do the thumbnail. I’d like to do a nice thumbnail. You see, there’s a whole list and I wasn’t prepared I I I. So what if you just drop the “i” and [i] wasn’t prepared? My pronouns are brrapp [fart] [blow raspberry]. Elon Musk’s pronouns are arrest Fauci for crimes against humanity. Only fouchy? What about all of them? And so, yeah, he’s freed up Twitter a bit, which is a good thing supposedly, although, you know, they might just be bringing you into the mainframe matrix by doing that, right? D’you notice how it forces you to sign or constantly pesters you to sign in when you’re just browsing? Go to sign in. So we can bring you into the mainframe. Anyway, so Anarchapulco. Have a look at Anarchapulco. I’m going to redo the links on my website. I I iii. The the links on the website will be redone. I’m trying not to use “i”. Links on the website will be redone and that’s taking forever because there’s just so many and it’s difficult to put them in order and you don’t know how many. You know for example Children’s Health Defense with Robert F Kennedy junior, he should be way up top right, cause it’s a constant news feed very good and and he gets results when he’s suing all these Commiefornia Communist coup d’etat bastard tyrants, right? So he just struck down or I think he had something to do with stopping the mandatory yea the schedule. Mandatory bioweapon clot shot killer deadliest clot shot in history for the kids or or or the free speech thing for the doctors or whatever. Anyway, so there’s him. And then there’s like all his links. Linktree should put all the links there. Or just.. I’m going to have a short one and then a long one, I guess. A concise one with all, you know, the quick links and then I’m gonna have all the detailed ones further down. But yeah, putting that together and. As I say, I’m not going to be that active anymore online because I gotta be offline to do the project. And I’ve been, you know, so there’s that and to get going here. So especially given the numbers, the website numbers I’m not upset about, I mean they’re better than the video of view counts, video, but I don’t know why the video if it’s fraudulent or if it’s real. But the video view counts aren’t really worth my time, so even this I shouldn’t put up, should I? But I’m going to put this up ‘cause I like to be active now and again, I guess once in a while I’ll put. Will it be every fortnight or every month? Once a month? 1h29 that Bald & broke ahole [bald and bankrupt], he just puts one up a month, one or one up a month, sometimes one, every two or three months and he gets a million hits on it just because that Pewdiepie effer mentioned him. & he’s not much to look.. I mean, yeah, ok, the the Afghan thing was interesting. Yeah, he does go to some interesting places, I guess but he is annoying, though, you know, it’s not my taste. I prefer J’irai dormir chez vous, that guy [Antoine de Maximy]. I’ll do that too, I’ll put my favorite vloggers that I’m following. Although why should I give them traffic if they don’t reciprocate, you know. And that trans guy, he.. or are you supposed to say trans woman. He or she, they, them Zem shem Flem Clem & Jem, they’re not live streaming anymore. Could it be because they saw me mention about the 5G cancer rate. 5G EMF wireless [microwave radiation] WHO own, W.H.O said on the bluetooth Wikipedia, even there, which is corrupt as hell and uh, but even there it says Class A class one possible carcinogen Bluetooth and that’s the weak one, Bluetooth. That’s why if you notice I don’t do Bluetooth anymore. There’s no.. I’m using the trackpad now I got used to it more. I don’t know if I can do heavy editing with it but everything else. So no more and I switched off. Yeah you can switch off Bluetooth hopefully. I don’t know here how do you switch it off you know they don’t make wired speakers anymore so it’s good when you saved some. You know all this wireless will give you cancer at the end of the day or is responsible for, it’s a carcinogen so no thanks an.. I had the phone earlier ‘cause I had to check some, you know, they force you to do a few things on there if you’re doing the banking or the sometimes if you order something. So I put it way over there. And I’ll put it, it’s always on airplane mode or off unless I’m expecting something. And I’ll put it far away from my body if possible. And all these other aholes that are oblivious to their [slavery/ demise].. that are just. Heading for the slaughter.. Try and keep away from them because you know you’ll be a restaurant, they’ll all be their stinking cancerous phones. I don’t want to put it down just in case Apple’s watching and you know, ‘cause I’m a customer and I don’t want bad relations with them. It’s a great invention. But you know, you should look into the safety and make it safer ‘cause that guy Barry Trower said you can make these things safer. There’s a way to make 5G safer Wi-Fi Bluetooth. Great technologies. But you know if it kills you, if it hurts you and kills you, or gives you cancer, not great. And there’s this building I know that’s got a.. what if they put it right on your roof or right on your head? I’d have to move. And I need to know where the.. there’s a map that shows where all the antennas or towers are cell towers. But you know, there’s some buildings where it’s right on people’s heads and they don’t even know and I’m going to take a.. I took a picture of it and I’m going to give it to them. I’m going to say look what’s on your head and look what they’re saying about it causing cancer. And you should complain or they wouldn’t know where to go, though, would they? What can you do? That’s why there was a. I tweeted the. Don’t know how I found it, you see I dropped the “I” there. Don’t know how I found it. So you don’t say I, I, I, I IIIIIIIIIII. See, I’ve watched these videos. I’m like, how can I make that better? Because last time I just went, “I I iiiiii” I’m like, I should say that louder. It’s like practice, the comedy practice. I’m gonna do a little stand up now. That’s next, right after editing and clearing all this sh up when I go to the states. If you know, because if there’s not any more disasters and if you make it with the VAXXED pilots because the W.E.F [WORLD ENSLAVEMENT FASCISTS FCUCKUPS/ world economic forum] wanted unvaxxed pilots, unfake Vaxxed un bioweaponed. Unclotshotted pilots. How do they prove it though? ‘cause Klaus anal swab [Klaus Schwab] wanted Unvaxed pilots, right? All those WEF effers, fckers that’s what you should call em, yeah, I did, fcukups. World economic, World enslavement ffff-kups. F-UPS. Fascists. How do they know it’s an unvaxed pilot? How are you going to prove that you’re not Vaxxed? and it’s not a vaccine, so you’re not bioweaponed, clot shotted, MRNA’d. [I’m marinade] Spike proteined. lipid nanoparticle[d] in your organs, and a lot of them got the placebo or a weak dose or we don’t even know what they got. So it’s just a mess. Just I’m happy for them. I’m happy for anybody who survived this and will be OK. Cause what a nightmare. It’s like a night.. I can’t stop watching the train wreck every night I’m almost I’m I iiiiii.. every night you. I just replace I with you, but it doesn’t always work. But you watch the mainstream me.. not the mainstream, the alternative independent, indie new media. Just in case. I don’t want.. “i”.. You don’t want to waste too much time on that, but anyway, ok yeah. Maybe i should do the royal we.. we’re not in the mood for this right now. Anyway ok, I think that’ll do for now and.. It does become addictive, this thing, it’s like a performance, is it a ham? you’re a ham. I don’t know. It’s just fun, isn’t it? To have something, to create something out of nothing. And Oh my God, it’s not recording. Can you imagine? yea that’s the number one thing to watch. My brother did that once. We had a lot of laughs. And all of a sudden he’s like, oh damn, it wasn’t recording! cause he was like this the whole time [holding camera cellphone] laughing ha ha haha and then aw ssh. 1h6m45 So yeah, i spoke with my brother finally, I’m glad. What happened was, yeah, I did a video, I did mention him in one of my calls to my friend Bob about I said all the negative things that bothered me. And they do, but when it came around to it, you know, it was Christmas, his birthday is around that time and the phone was right there and I’m like.. You know, this is a near death experience, it’s a constant nightmare, this whole COVID and climate fraud, tyranny, genocide, democide, crime against humanity. You could lose the people y.. do you love them, or are they loved ones? Or.. anyway, whoever you’ve got, you could lose, so appreciate them while they’re here, even if they’re imperfect, even if you have differences, even if there’s a lot of bad things that they did in the past or things that bother you a lot, you know I kept a list because I don’t want to forget them. Forgive maybe, but forget? Which is why I hang on to everything, cause, uh, what’s the point in reading a book, watching a movie, listening to song and just [discarding/posing].. I guess it’s all disposable huh. Creating a, you know, even this. I’ll go over it at some point, right, or yeah. You don’t wanna waste your whole life doing that. Yeah, that’s another thing you want to move on with real life ‘cause this isn’t, this is an amalgam [mixture].. Anyway, that’s why I called him and we had a great conversation for like an hour and it was like nothing was wrong, which is good. I always said he was good on the phone. Very good on the phone. So you know that’s something that’s a positive. And I couldn’t always get through. And he doesn’t always pick up the phone and the past, but around, yeah, around the holidays he does usually, right? Or, you know, he’ll answer, if it was important, you know, if I was in distress and it was really important, he probably would so. That’s a plus. That’s a positive thing you could to be grateful for in a way, even though he’s probably not the first, not the closest, you know and then I’ve got the some other people in my circle and I’m wondering cause some of them I help out.. oh the other guy, he disappeared. What do I call him? Do I call, he doesn’t want.. I try to protect them by not saying their last names. But Vlad Brad. Yea he’s gone, he’s a gonner. Oh he got the injection too so. He’s like “I’ve had all my jabs”. I just told you what a disaster it’s been before you had them and you went ahead and got them? Or you don’t even acknowledge it and you’re just silent? anyway, whatever. So anyway, that’s it. I’m not sure this is worth doing either. But. I did it. I I iii we did it. Moment’s silence. Uh. Sh.. there might be some compromising info like vlag dat Cam. So thanks for visiting hey! I hate it when you make it bigger and it goes smaller. Pardon the pun. That’s not bad. and a hundred domains. On wednesday 8 February 2023. I like day, month, year. Sorry, but that’s the European way. 8:31 PM That’s have some dinner before it’s too late. And. I’ll do a proper call where we go through all the topics and questions and things. You know, just a little more substance there because this was a spontaneous thing. At some point, I guess I’ll do that. I guess we’ll do that. We We We We We We We You you you you. They They. Zjem flem flem crem clem krem Uh. Yeah, I was saying, uh, favorite shows that I wanna. But I “I” hm. During meals is a good time to watch your favorite shows. So I’ve, I’ve listed a.. well, we’ve listed a few. J’irai dormir chez vous, I like that guy, but you gotta speak French. You gotta understand French unless it’s subtitled. Yeah. What’s his face, Antoine not DesCaunes [Conne = profanity]. That was a euro trash. Antoine [de?] Maximy. Goes around with the camera here and he went to Iran, he went to all these difficult countries and made a show out of it. You know, he’s just got the camera here. He’s got one camera here on his backpack pointing that way, and then he’s got another one sticking out. This is before selfie sticks. I mean, this is going back. It’s an old show from like it was before selfie sticks, and he has one sticking out of his chest like that, pointing at his face, and he’s walking around these dangerous or difficult countries and they’re like stopping him and arresting him and going over his tapes and. Or was that, I think it was tapes back then it was was just transitioning to digital media and whatever. Anyway, 1h12m20 a minute’s silence. You can hear the thumping downstairs it’s weird, like the music you can’t hear, but you can just hear that ugh ugh ugh ugh in the walls. It’s weird. So that’s why I haven’t hooked up my big system yet, but I think this next.. it’s just it hits me it it it it it it hits you “it it it it it hits you” did you see that song on my website if you scroll down a bit [–DOWN_WITH_THE_SICKNESS:8?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU] That Trudeau. Should I call these people mass murderers ‘cause they pushed the deadliest shot in history that killed millions of people? Can’t you call them that? In my opinion. Oh yeah, disclaimer, these are all fact based opinions, thoughts and feelings. [“ALLEGEDLY”]. But I put, that’s on the website anyway. Alright, thanks for visiting. And. How’s this video going to do? What happens is, you see, OK, so 1h13m29 I’m not a YouTube anymore because they stole 13,000 of my videos and a few more hundred from the previous account. So you can never trust them again. And they suck. And I never Google. You should never Google. I don’t see why. How I think they lie. You know, the past three years I’ve taught us that. It was all lies. You saw it, Michael Yeadon’s account there. It proved to be all lies. So a lot of stuff is lies, like the moon landing proven to be a lie. There’s no way in hell they went there and they can’t go now. That’s just common sense. Again, a lot of it’s common sense and Goggle anal [Google anal ytics], you know, they think they’re 90% of the search market. Common sense, how do you know that? just cause you force it on the phones and you got fined billions for anticompetitive antitrust monopoly by forcing everyone to use only that on their stinking phones. And luckily, Apple doesn’t do that. So I wouldn’t. But I would never use the phone for search anyway unless I had to. But there’s so many other search engines and I tried different ones and I’ve settled with Brave now. I think they’re better, more private and more.. And they got a browser too, so that’s good. And yeah, so avoid yea. avoid the uh.. Aren’t they criminals? If you got fined billions of dollars, you’re a criminal. Doesn’t that make you a criminal? Which is why I didn’t fall for the COVID BULLSHIT. You’re talking about the most fined criminals in history. Why would I take their garbage for something that I can see around me, I could see nobody was sick. Oh, that’s why they locked everyone up, so you can’t see who’s sick and who isn’t. ‘cause if people were walking around, you would see nobody sick. Nobody’s coughing. But here we had people walking around in the square you can see, where’s all the sick people? and that’s why [dr.] Michael Yeadon said it’s impossible to have a pandemic because anybody who’s sick withdraws from social life, stays home. There’s no way they can be out there passing it cause they’re too sick mostly and there’s no way that it could be cured anyway. I don’t want to go over all the stuff again because it’s all there but. There’s no way you could cure the common flu & common cold, so there’s no way you could cure any coronaviruses, much less through the bloodstream when it’s in the airways cause it’s totally separate systems, immune systems and all that, it’s all there. So I’m just going to put the the main link at the top of the site and that’s it. And I’m going to withdraw from social life from online. I’m going to go offline for most of the time now cause it’s just not going anywhere. I don’t think is it I II we don’t think. Enh, moderation the key. Cut! Later. Later aholes. Thanks for visiting. Sorry. Shameless self promotion. Is that it? shall i give you a little view of the situation here. Why? Why should I? It could be the most evil people in the world here? See what I mean? Not good. Looks like an airport, huh? Get cracking bro. 1h17m01 end


Holocaust definition meaning : noun: A great or complete devastation or destruction, especially by fire. ANY mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.”

The W.H.O. demands the power to force you to get [LETHAL] “vaccinated”, notes Senator Malcolm Roberts. CCP PUPPET UNITED NAZI WORLD HOLOCAUST ORGANIZATION responsible for 20 MILLION covid MRNA BIO WEAPON “VACCINE” DEATHS & 2 BILLION SERIOUS INJURIES according to Dr. Hodkinson & Peter Halligan, continues #NUREMBERGCODE #CRIMESAGAINSTHUMANITY #NUREMBERG2 #GENOCIDE #DEMOCIDE #MASSMURDER #COUPDETAT #COUP #WHO #W.H.O #UN #U.N #TEDROS #tedrosghebreyesus #tedrosadhanomghebreyesus Stick your ☠️ lethal injection 💉 up your 🐴🕳️ ahole!

Never Again Is Now Global Trailer Holocaust survivors Vera Sharav et al compare COVID CLIMATE FRAUD TYRANNY DEMOCIDE to the Nazi Jewish Holocaust. Government + Corporatism = FASCSIM, FEAR, PROPAGANDA.

COVID-19 countermeasures: Evidence for an intent to harm – FULL 24m20 PFIZER TESTIFIED “WE DELIVERED GOVERNMENT FRAUD”

Netherlands farmers are losing – people stand up ! 1m30 “as civilians we have to stand united with our farmers against totalitarian forces who want to cut our food supply & take away our rights in order to control us” NO FARMERS = NO FOOD #DUTCHFARMERS



Dr. Naomi Wolf: The Vaccine is Genocidal

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE 5G SMART GRID? [the END of freedom, justice, privacy, human rights, health, life.. totalitarian technocracy tyranny] -Max Igan,

“It’s an interesting thing, a lot of people don’t realize what they’re involved in. Just the simple fact of using credit cards, using smartphones and all of this automated system is the problem. People don’t realize what it is. This system we’re being led into is the New World Order in itself. The 5G smart grid is the New World Order. The Internet of Things, it’s the new world order. People don’t really understand how that works but what it’s about is monitoring every single aspect of your life. The smart grid is being presented to people as this thing that’s going to be highly beneficial to us, you know, you’ll only be using the electricity that you use, you’ll only be paying for that, all this sort of stuff. So it’s been presented as a very positive thing. But what it will do will put a dollar value on absolutely every aspect of your life. So every time you turn on a tap, credit goes, every time you turn on a light, every time you watch your tv, every time you boil your jug, every time you do anything, there’s a dollar value attached to it. There’s an interesting tv show that came out a couple of years ago called Black Mirror. And it had one episode of that where everybody, the only job they have is running on a treadmill, spinning a bike and just to accumulate credits so they had to pay for every single action that they performed. And that’s what the smart grid is. That’s what we’re being led into. It’s all about digital currency and control of everything. And if you’re someone who lives a slightly alternate lifestyle, say you grow a few vegetables and you give some to your neighbors or you do a little bit of massage for someone or you do a bit of tarot reading or something like this, the only way you’re gonna be able to get paid for that once the smart grid comes online is through the transfer of digital credits. Which means the government will get a tax. You have to put it on your income tax. Everything will be monitored. That’s what it’s about. Complete blanket surveillance of every single action people are doing. That’s what the smart grid is. And it’s being rolled out underneath everything else while we’re arguing about all of these issues and being given all of these global conflicts and all of this theater of politics to fight and squabble about, underneath all of that is this smart grid. And it’s rolling out very, very quickly. And the smart grid, the 5G grid, underlying that is the fact that the 5G system that they’re using to run the smart grid, the Internet of things [& bodies], is also being used by the military. It’s a military grade technology. It’s basically an active denial system. So the 5G grid not only will track everything you do, it can be used as a weapon. It can be used as a microwave cannon. It can be used to disable people, to track people. It can see through walls, it can see what you’re carrying. whether you’re carrying money, whether you’re carrying a weapon, all this sort of stuff. So it’s very, very invasive/ evasive, plus it does all sorts of damage to us biologically, you know, it damages our cell structure, damages the cell structure of all food, changes the cell structure of everything that comes into contact with. And the 5G system will be a blanket system, blanket wave of communication. We’ve got situations now where you lose signal on your mobile phone if you move too far away from a tower. That won’t happen with the 5G, it will be everywhere, right across the country, in rural areas, everywhere, you’ll be able to get perfect signal. So everyone’s going to kind of welcome this, but they don’t realize what it is. It’s about everything talking to everything else.” [the END of freedom, justice, privacy, human rights, health, life.. totalitarian technocracy tyranny]


Vaccine Disaster: ‘We’re Talking North of 450,000 Americans’ Losing Their Lives Due to the Jab


Pfizer Documents Prove “Mass Murder,” Says Naomi Wolf   13min: “owned, manufactured, distributed by CCP” no pdf link here or on daily clo[u]t except for globalist pariah amazon ..

Data Shows Depopulation Plan Is Having Major Success 6min30 PFIZER KNEW 80% of women lost their baby after MRNA BIO WEAPON killer fake “vaccine”

“MUST SEE INTERVIEW- We Have Been Lied To About Every Part of the COVID Pandemic, says Dr. Michael Yeadon”–We-Have-Been-Lied-To-About-Every-Part-of-the-COVID-Pandemic%2C-says-Dr.-Michael-Yeadon:a?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Athletes Collapsing, Elon Musk Poisoned By Covid Shot, And The Future Globalists Plan Elon f/hoisted on his own petard, 5G EMF nuremberg code crime carcinogenic microwave radiation experiments..

BBC covid FRAUD GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE PROTEST LONDON U.K sat 21 jan 2023 GeorgeGodleydotcom vlogdotcom unedited

BBC covid FRAUD GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE PROTEST LONDON U.K sat 21 jan 2023 GeorgeGodleydotcom vlogdotcom LONDON TRUTH BE TOLD, GIVING A VOICE TO THE INJURED & BEREAVED, JAN 2023, COVID “VACCINE” [MRNA BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT] VICTIM AWARENESS MONTH #truthbetold #genocide #democide #crimes #crimesagainsthumanity #bbc #covidvaccine #covid #fraud #sarscov2 #sars-cov-2 #lies diclaimer: most recordings include GG factual evidence based thoughts and feelings

BILL GATES SHOCKING CONFESSION TO THE WORLD Parody satire. Bkill Gates of hell would never tell the truth.

JUSTIN BEIBER CLOT SHOT UPDATE Parody satire. Dustbin Beeper is no crap supershitar.

They are lying about variants to get you to take vaccines that will kill you, says Mike Yeadon, PhD


D4CE 5th Symposium: Intent to Harm Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium 5: 3h18min Intent to harm..
Evidence of Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder by the pharma manufacturers, US Department of Defense (DOD), US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) by Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova.
covid “vaccines” are weapons – according to secretive yet official policies of the US government.
Sasha Latypova dives into the legal and administrative side of US covid policies, based on publicly available materials.
The video starts with Catherine Austin Fitts introducing Sasha Latypova and Meryl Nass, who joined a subsequent discussion. Sasha then summarizes the state of the evidence on covid vaccines: they are toxic by design, they lack safety and efficacy. Manufacturing standards are lousy, and policy malignant (3:00). These observations raise the question:
1. Why has there been no remedial action by the regulators or the courts? (4:30)
Sasha’s answer is startling: regulators and courts have not taken action, because the covid vaccines are not merely covered by Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), but are also classified as “military countermeasures.” She then explains the critical legal rules involving EUA countermeasures in detail (7:30):
• 21 USC 360bbb-3(k): Use of EUA countermeasures “shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation,” and therefore, “are not subject to FDA regulation.” This law is even cited in the FDA’s own draft guidance, which means that the FDA is fully aware that it has no legal competence in this case.
• 21 USC 360bbb-3(c): EUA countermeasures issued at HHS Secretary’s discretion are NOT required to meet any of the standards which conventionally regulate pharmaceutical products.
Sasha says that all the interactions between the vaccine manufacturers and the FDA have no legal relevance at all – “vaccine development and approval is a performance art and voluntary.”
2. Who really sets the rules for the vaccine roll-out? (11:30)
According to Sasha, the National Security Council (NSC) is in charge of the covid Policy, not the public health-related agencies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) leads the federal pandemic response, not HHS. The HHS mainly plays an information and propaganda role, “pretending that they are doing something over which they don’t have the authority.”
3. Who is REALLY developing and manufacturing these injections? (13:30)
Sasha asserts that NSC, DOD, and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) are in charge, not the Pharma companies. She concludes with some hard-hitting statements:
“BARDA also was very proud of being able to accelerate the clinical development by breaking the law.”
“BARDA alone took over the entire pharmaceutical industry in the United States.”
“covid-19 Injections are weapons intended to harm.”
Alexandra LATYPOVA is a serial entrepreneur and a founder of iCardiac Technologies. For her work regarding covid vaccines, please visit
This video is part of Doctors for covid Ethics 5th Symposium: IN THE MIDST OF DARKNESS LIGHT PREVAILS. For more information about the symposium, please visit

Citing “Polycrisis,” Globalists in Davos Plan “New System” for … Everything!…-everything.html DAVOS D.O.D DEMOCIDE DICTATORS

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Confronted by journalist at Davos/ CAUGHT HIM! Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO with questions at World Economic Forum “This is the criminal who refused to appear in front of the EU committee on the Pfizer Scam and refused (along with Von Der Liar) the contents of their mobile phone calls and Emails”

The World Economic Forum is a Fascist Movement, say Ned Ryun


R.i.p “double vaxxed & double boosted” Lisa Marie Presley

Brought to you by Pfizer.. [& DoD department of “defense”]

Zero Trust Access



Dr. McCullough Names Those Who Played Roles in the Greatest Conspiracy Against Humankind in History
-Klaus Schwab
-Bill Gates
-Jacinda Ardern
-Justin Trudeau
-Joe Biden
-Ashish Jha (C19 Coordinator)
-Tony Fauci
-Robert Califf (Head of FDA)
-Peter Marks (FDA)
-Eric Rubin (NEJM)
-Susan Wojcicki? youtube Goebbels propagandist
Rudolf Hauri
Lukas Engleberger
Giorgio Mriani
Silvia Steiner
Dr Chrisitane Meier
Alain Berset
Nathalie Rickli

Government Data Proves There Is A Vaccine Induced Pandemic

Lounger & scrounger video call thu 5 jan 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03

Lounger & scrounger video call thu 5 jan 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0185S03—scrounger-video-call-thu-5-jan-2023-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0185S03:4?r=5V89dESghBTb3ffKvEtWZmukXbwu3rMU

Outline in progress..
Throat clear ahem, Trying another browser Firefox
1m Thu 5 jan 2023 5pm gmt utc, 9 armenia 4 hours difference
1m50 Thanks for visiting haha every call for a date
2,3m Karo died 2 months after 3rd booster fake vaccine MRNA clot chot [covid MRNA deadliest spike protein “vaccine” clot shot] [coerced to take fake].. Everyone got fat except you
4m stand up adjusting backdrop , I started feeling this guy gonna die soon, luxury life, [extravagant expenditure] broke..
5m20 he said you know I’m gonna die soon, a year ago, when he took the 1st & 2nd covid shots. “Yes I had 2 “vaccines” otherwise hospitals will never accept him”..
6m had more pain after injection? He had heart problem 10 – 20 years ago but not so serious. Covid MRNA clot shot finished him off.. yea.. 7m last one killed him for sure. cause he dies 2 months after last injection.
7m45 nurse under the doctor.. hey hey “under the doctor”s haha..  how can u give a wrong medicine..
8m50 whatsapp..
9m why didnt you tell him what I told you about the injection killing 20 MILLION, a lot of people.. order, if he wants to work he has to take “vaccine”.. her & America no coz 100s of thousands military sued Department of Defense & won. I put him on my website, Attorney Todd Callender.
10m he had no relatives.. [deadbeat estranged friends]
11m50 died Moscow no one there..
12m 52 ys. 20 y.o son..
13m 3 marriages.. hopeless romantic.. was, u r from Greece..
14m he had rich life travel ladies working, they love Italians even if ugly
15m 20’s pretty young [to deal with it] Anne Heche’s son is 20..
17m u should give info to son.. phone fingerprint lock..
18m I knew she was gonna tell me he died.. [when she told me I couldn’t talk.. crying.. at least you had some warning preparation.. he told u it was coming.. hoped to be buried w his mother..
19m they should have hospital info name, morgue info telephone number.. can’t go to Moscow.. 40 below zero
20m homeless?! Hostel..
21m try get info.. 21m40 my situation, shower floor no support underneath, leg break risk..
24m* leave door open.. HAHA.. live shower cam..
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COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE – Military Attorney Todd Callender w/ Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Todd Callender on This Week with Dr. T – Dec. 26, 2022

Transcript by & 100 domains.

“Well, good morning, everyone. My name is Doctor Sherri Tenpenny, and I want to extend a warm welcome to everyone who’s joining us here on Monday morning every week at this week with doctor T. We get together on 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time and have conversations. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy hearing, because I surely do. I love doing this part of my job. It’s one of my favorite things is to do these Monday morning interviews to set the week just right with very amazing people. If you are a podcast member, you will find the podcast at the site under the Tenpenny files. And if you aren’t a premium podcast member yet, you really should be because there’s so many extra things that come along with being a premium podcast member. We’ll talk about that later. The interviews stay live here for about 48 hours. And then they’re moved into the podcast area for future viewing. So with that, let me introduce to you today’s special guest and my good friend Todd Calender. Todd Calender has been practicing law for 28 years. He’s the CEO of a large health and disability insurance group. He’s an international lawyer, licensed in Colorado, but practicing primarily outside the United States. Todd is one of the principal lawyers in Disabled rights advocates, a Colorado law firm. In August of 2021, Todd filed the first covid [lower case covid. Crimes against humanity Bill gates of hell Microsoft word auto dictation auto capitalizes “covid” as part of an intimidation, fraud, tyranny, democide of a 99.9% survival bioweapon unless injected.]  mandate lawsuit against the US Department of Defense, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the FDA. The case, Robert versus Austin, sought to stop the vaccine mandates at the department at the DoD, [department fo defense] among other things, and caused the DoD to eventually abandon the forced vaccinations while reserving access to religious and medical exemptions for several hundred thousand service members. Thank you so much for that, Todd. In 1997, Todd Calender was largely responsible for opening trade and commerce between the United States and Cuba by obtaining the first US travel, business and export licenses. These were granted during the period when Cuba was designated enemy of the state in the US. From there, Todd was the first US license and company allowed to operate in Cuba since the Cuban Revolution in 1959. He ran a 3 year clinical trial of a needle free mass vaccination device in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & the US government, supervised by the US state Commerce and Treasury Department. The project ultimately led to the introduction of The WHO to Cuba, who was then able to oversee the last phase of the clinical trials and full licensure of a needle free injector by the FDA. As a result of the clinical trials, Todd has the occasion to do business with many vaccine manufacturers, with global health organizations involved with current public health, emergency and international concerns. From this vantage point, he has been able to go behind the curtain and see first-hand what this industry is really all about. Todd, thank you so much for spending some time this morning with me to talk about all these nefarious critters that you’ve gotten to know personally over the years. Nefarious indeed thank you heh. Thanks for having me, Doctor, what a pleasure. Thank you so much. Well, where would you like to start with that? You’ve done so many different things. What is currently on your plate? You know, we just saw just a couple of weeks ago that the DoD has dropped their mandates, but what does that do with all of the people that have been discharged? Or the ones that got the shot under coercion and now they’re suffering horrible illnesses, as Doctor Theresa Long talks about, or the ones that have been threatened and you know, they’ve taken down their benefits. And what does that mean for the rest of our military members? In an odd way, I hope it actually turns out to be a good thing for a lot of really important reasons. The short answer is the the cessation of the mandate in DOD has effectively no effect, sadly, for a lot of reasons. 4min First and foremost, we’ve got a lot of clients that remain in the DoD, some of whom, actually many of whom we helped  get exemptions, both medical and a handful of administrative ones, I don’t think we got any single religious exemption, but some colleagues of mine did in fact win in their cases, enough to get a preliminary injunction for Air Force and Space Force some in the Navy. So there’s still quite a few service members that that remain serving. But when I say they’re that effectively no change in in the net result of the covid mandate is because the same ingredients are in the flu shots. The same or worse ingredients are in the flu shots, which are on their mandatory schedule so the the technology itself was rolled out with covid mRNA, the gene modification adenovirus. All of those things, right? Everything now going in the injectables is genetically modified for the purpose of genetically modifying people***** and we have all the evidence. We’re working on helping some Navy people right now avoid the flu shots, uh, because it’s just the same damn thing over again. You know the the DoD is who is behind this, right, this was their project going back 20 years. So they’re not going to stop one way or another. They’ll find their way. When I say it’s maybe a good thing. You know, when we filed suit, one of the imperatives, the reasons for it is we knew. I see we, I mean some colleagues and I. I happen to be the guy signing the complaint. There are others involved. We knew that if we didn’t stop the mandate because don’t forget, use of force was authorized, that was the thing that really set us off, because if they could force it on soldiers, they could force it on service members, they would force it on everybody. And of course, we now know that the public health apparatus is being moved under the Department of Defense. How and why is this good? Because. They have so disenfranchised so many of the military that they are not going to force this on people, not American troops, are not gonna enforce this on Americans that much I can tell you. Because 25% or so of the military is is either out or leaving. In all likelihood they’re not going to get any extra benefits unless they got out with their benefits and then there’s a 25% or more shortfall in recruiting amongst the different branches of the service. So our military is completely weakened. It’s tragic. I’m talking to medical doctors in the service. They tell me that the only ones showing up the pool duty are the non vaxxed and those are the ones leaving because everybody else is sick. They can’t get through their training programs finding people dead in their bunks, pilots can’t fly, can’t pass their flight physicals, etcetera. So, you know this is the problem is that our military is now defeated. So what do we do then? You know, we’re going to have to make that up with the people who did leave, and good Americans who have served. I think there’s 25 million or so of us that have done our own. So the the the point is that the table is shifting away from this mandate, shifting away from fear, shifting into anger. We’re sarting to see it. People are finally now embracing the fact THIS IS A GENOCIDE AND IT WAS DONE TO US BY OUR GOVERNMENTS PLURAL. So now humanity awakens. And that’s the most important thing, second only to competition. You can’t have one world government where there’s competition. And that’s what we’re seeing. And it actually makes me quite excited. You know, it’s interesting. I spoke with somebody this was maybe here a year and a half ago when they first started with these mandates, particularly with the military, and this was somebody who was, who’s left the military now, that had very high up clearances and things in that nature, he said. You know somebody, he said, it’s not going to be me because I don’t have the wherewithal to do it. That somebody is going to get the the ear of these young military men that are leaving because they don’t want to be Vaxxed, he said “I’m hoping that we will end up with the best militia ever” because all of those guys are highly skilled, highly trained, they know how to collaborate with each other. And he said that I just really hope that somebody pulls the trigger to make that happen. Transcript by I think that is happening. You know, we work with a lot of former service members and including a lot of generals. And you know, these are older fellas who by the way, can be called back to service until the moment they die. Wow. These people are are showing up. And they are leading and they are collecting minds, right. It’s not a function of forming up the troops yet, but the bridge to the service members minds and and others who maybe didn’t serve but they have the same mentality and they have the same skills America was was built on pioneering, that spirit lives in America. I hope others, they’re coming across the border, you know, will embrace that. We need to turn those people into Americans. Yeah. You know, back when I wrote my book in 2008, that’s not in print right now. You know, there was a whole bunch of.. it was meant to be a compendium, like a like a users guide, you know, and I did a lot of research into the military. You know and if you could you dig down way deep inside and see from each of the branches of the of the military what did they say about exemptions and as it turned out my research at that time which would have been 2008 is when that book was published was that every branch has a religious exemption if you declared the religious exemption before you became a Member. I mean, you had to declare that when you’re sitting in front of the recruiter, I am going to declare religious exemption because after you’ve signed up, you are you are a possession of the US government. But what was interesting to me is that what didn’t have any exemptions at all was the Coast Guard. The US Coast Guard had no exemptions and the Air Force had no exemptions for the anthrax vaccine. And it was like, why are they giving the anthrax vaccine to people that are flying at 30,000 feet? I mean, they’re not going to be sprayed with anything. So I just found those rules and they’re probably changed by now but even when I discovered them like in 2008, to be really kind of wonky, you know, it’s like there didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. 10m20 There is a regulation that speaks to this. It’s AR40-562. And even though that’s an army regulation implied across the branches. And believe it or not, it actually has four separate types of exemptions people can apply for, including religious, administrative, medical and, if they’re leaving, sundry other variations thereof. The point is that in our lawsuit, one of the issues we raised is that when the covid mandate came out, none of them were observed. This is military law. And yet they wouldn’t observe or implement any of them. So us and a whole lot of other lawyers filed suit on that basis as part of our complaining process. They just completely ignored the law, including by the way, the single most important one, prior immunity. That goes back to I think 19, I’m sorry, 1806, something like that. I mean, it goes back a long, long way that if you’ve already had the disease, you don’t have to get a shot against it, & by the way. We have already been through this before as you well mentioned, the anthrax shots, they were also experimental. They were also emergency use only. There was no testing. It was a military mandate. And when the military mandates, the FDA goes to the side, right, they’re out of the picture effectively doesn’t matter if it’s an investigational new drug or not. So anyway that there was a case called Dovey Rumsfeld when two of the lawyers that helped in my case were actually the the attorneys in that particular case and they won funny enough from Judge Sullivan in the DC Court of all people granted a a service wide injunction because these things were dangerous. But you know what? There are nowhere near as dangerous as the CONVID covid shots. And yet here we are doing it again. If you count Nuremberg, this is the third time our country has faced this experimenting on people, especially soldiers, I should say service members. And when I raised that issue to the Court on the 18th of November, the 10th Circuit where we are, I didn’t even get the sentence out of my mouth before I was interrupted by one of the judges. We don’t wanna hear it. Wow. 12m30 I said this is the third time in our history that we are facing experimentation on our.. And then the judge interrupted me and wanted to talk instead about standing. When did you file suit? Is it true that you filed suit the day before the actual mandate came out? And the answer was yes, that is true because the Secretary of Defense and the President promised the mandate was coming and authorized the use of force. So we filed suit. Yes, we did that. Apparently that little bit is enough for them to hang their hat on to throw the case out. We don’t know. They haven’t rendered their opinion, but that was certainly the way that the hearing went. We did get into the record, however. 13m13 These are experimental gene modification shots. The service members were choosing to stay human instead of becoming some new species******. That comirnaty never was officially launched, authorized or approved because the same day that the biologic application was approved as the same day that their marketing was revoked and never once anywhere in the entirety of our military was US manufactured, FDA regulated, comirnaty provided to any of the troops. 13m40 It was all experimental is all phase three clinical trial, which means the ingredients could change to the content of the the manufacturers. This was a giant experiment. This is a global giant phase three clinical trial with 2 some billion participants and Obama even bragged about that by the way. I remember that and it’s just mind numbing to me and jaw-dropping that 14min the head of our military, the top ranks of the Department of Defense have been infiltrated by somebody, by the W.E.F, W.H.O, B.I.S [BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS]. the Chinese, by somebody that they would want to obliterate our military*******. Yes. because they know no borders, Dr.. Bank for International Settlements owns effectively all the central banks on the planet. They create money out of thin air and loan it to governments who then technically launder it and and require us to use it. The point is they have unlimited spending power. So they own militaries, they own the governments, they own people. We are owned. Our birth certificates are lives are collateralized to pay taxes. So when you understand that it from their perspective there is no such thing as a border, then it doesn’t matter, right, if the goal of the enterprise is to destroy a country, what first, would you do? hmm. maybe take out the military? Maybe take out the Patriots, right? Maybe open the borders? Maybe compromise all the people making political decisions? Check, check, check. Done. For real, you know, when you said this was like the 3rd or the 4th time, there’s a document that I found it at you know that they’ve scanned in all of these old documents from like the 1800s about smallpox, and there was one that’s in there about smallpox in the military and the people that were in charge of the military at that time begged the US government to not give the smallpox vaccine to any of the military to compromise their health. So this, you know, the first smallpox vaccine was issued in the US in 1802, 1801 or 1802. So, you know, and it’s been going on for a long time from the very beginning of injecting this into our military. And I wanted to say, you know, this whole EUA thing. When this first came out, it was a big deal that I wrote a whole bunch about it and talked about it a lot on the podcast about how and I actually even started this thing. It didn’t get a lot of traction, but I started this #revoketheEUA. [Emergency Use Authorization] instead of sitting around because you know 16m27 they violated at least two of the tenants of being able to have the EUA to begin with. Can you talk about, you know, just for the listeners, I mean the one is the fact that there can’t be any other available thing to treat the illness, which of course there is and there was, vitamin D, Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine a lot of other vitamin C, ozone, lots of other things, so that was number one. And #2 was that the illness had to be worse than the experimental drug, which we know that that wasn’t true either. So is there anybody filing suits about that sort of thing, about the EUA being in violation of federal law? Yes! that’s in our suit. Awesome. All of our colleagues that have filed similar suits all have it in there because the violations were so blatant. However, it doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to the military, they get to do whatever they want. And you know one of the other parts of this that just makes me so crossed. The safe and effective thing, 17m25 you cannot call any EUA or any experimental investigative new drug, safe and effective. That’s a violation of the law. It happens to be in the FTC regulations, but it is nonetheless there because how can you call something safe and effective if you’re still in clinical trial? It’s not rocket science. And that’s where we are. So you hit the two big ones with the EUA and it’s amazing how the conspiracy, & I mean that in the legal sense of the word. an agreement between two or more people to commit or plan a crime, sort of plan a crime in one step in furtherance. They knew, I’ve had dinner with, I know doctors who were on the Warp speed team, who demonstrated they provided thousands of documents. There are 36 separate available medications, FDA approved prescription drugs that showed efficacy to treat this disease. Yet all of them were shut out. Not a single one was allowed because they wanted the shots in everybody. And now that we know that this was, you know, more than just treating a disease, this was to transform humanity into a new species*****. This was to kill as many people as they could***** or wanted to. So that’s very frustrating, that was a very early indicator. We found that out effectively in 2020 and yet nothing ever happened as a result of it. The other one is that it has to be more likely or more safe than not. That’s a 50% rule, right. It demonstrably never was and if you look at the the clinical trials on, for instance, the animal studies, they all died, they all died or were killed with the use of this mRNA technology. 19min And then you have of course the 44,000 service members and their families and the clinical trials C459 1001, those were service members and their families using something called 19m20 in touch e-diary, which is an epcr device, it was measuring what was happening inside of the bodies of the service members and their families as it was happening real time just like Noah Harari [Yuval Noah Harari, W.E.F Klaus Schwab accomplice, “the most dangerous man on earth” according to Dr. Zev Zelenko] says we want intelligence on the inside. They were doing that all the way back in in 2020, early 2020 if not prior to that. That technology does exist and that information was being laundered. The raw data went out to an Israeli company. And then the net data including what I understand to be 1200 deaths never made it back to the FDA or the DoD. And if you look at some of the documents that we have, it appears that the EUA [UAE lol] and the approval were granted far in advance of any studies being done. So this was just simply a program, this was a plan. It had been around for a very long time. You look at the tabletop exercise event 201 lock step from the Rockefellers and we have all of the evidence. I’ll give you a really simple one. 20m15 ***** In 2017, the World Bank was financing the sale to other nations of the CONVID covid PCR test 2017 2018. How did they know there was going to be something called covid CONVID-19? How do we have the PCR tests already in place when this all happened? So it really is a grand conspiracy. It knows no boundaries or borders. And this was memorialized in the 1994 Cairo Accords to depopulate the planet. 196 countries, and I mean that including the territories agreed to kill effectively 7 billion people. We just have to be right in the middle of that*****. For those of you who are joining just halfway through this amazing conversation this morning, we’re speaking today with Todd Calendar, who is one of the main lead attorneys against the Department of Defense and supporting our military among other things. Transcript by That’s not the only thing that you do and the things that you’re involved with. I mean, I know a whole lot of other things, but that just. Is what we’re talking about here this morning a little bit. And I do want to mention, you know, you said this about this being a genocide. You know, I’ve been trying to educate a lot of people about it’s really not a genocide, it’s a DEMOCIDE because a genocide just for the listeners is that if you target a particular population of people like what they did with the Jews in World War Two or if you decided you were going to eliminate all the blacks in Florida, I mean that or all the American Indians in North Dakota, that would be a genocide. 21m40 THIS IS A DEMOCIDE which means that they kill everybody in all age groups by mandate of the government. And that’s exactly what this is. It’s just a mandate from the government that’s just killing people. I mean if this, we all know this now Todd you know the rearview mirror is the great retrospective scope right. That we look back now over the last 2 1/2 years and it’s just still astonishing to me that people don’t connect the dots or refuse to connect the dots is probably better. They refuse to do it. Is that, you know, we know now that this was just an intention to kill everybody and that people are either going to be chronically sick, they’re going to be dead or they’re going to be into the transhumanism movement. Now I heard on one of your interviews, I think it was with Maria Zee that you were talking about this new Homo Borg Genesis, talk about that a little bit and one of the things that you said was you weren’t really sure if when these people are transferred into the transhumanism movement whether they would have Human rights. That’s right, yea. So talk about that, that whole species thing a little bit. Sure. Well the first indications came out of a paper, a 23min***** NASA Langley Research paper in 2021 called the Future of Warfare in 2025. And it envisions what would that look like in 2025 based on the technology that they actually have right now. It says it right in the document, page 2. It refers to what we now know are symbio people, genetically modified people as “Borg”. There is something called a “Borg particle” that was discovered, I think it was in Los Angeles funily enough or California somewhere that seems to have these properties that somehow turn people into quantum or allow people some kind of a quantum technology***** and it seems to phase in and out of this particular dimension, as I understand. Mind you I’m not a scientist I’m just a lawyer, but nonetheless they call this borg. Others that have looked into the transhumanist movement had gone back, it seems to early 1900s where the original references Giensis actually GIENSIS and referred to us as borg homo giensis, meaning the new species of people. And so there’s actually a little bit of law on this subject, including one particular really important case from the Supreme Court in 2013 called molecular pathology versus myriad genetics. They were analyzing could the plaintiffs patent a gene that was discovered and the court held, no, you don’t get to patent a gene that you discovered. You can, however, patent a gene that you create. The holding of the case was that use of MRNA to create gene modification results in the synthetic product, meaning what genome you created out of it belonging to the patent holders as intellectual property, is chattel property. That case is is not overruled by legislature or otherwise, meaning it’s still what we call good law and it’s applicable. And I raised this in our particular case because guess what, if you genetically modify soldiers they may or may not be homo sapiens any longer, perhaps a new species. That’s my allegation. And on that basis these people are owned, violates our 13th Amendment rights. We outlawed slavery in 1865, which includes you don’t get to own people. Right. So it’s offensive to our public policy and our Constitution and that’s what I raised in our case from the very beginning when I filed this suit until my oral arguments on the 18th of November and at no time throughout this process did the Department of Justice who represents the DoD, HHS and FDA deny it, not once. Including in in court. You know, they didn’t deny that, so it’ll be interesting to see if the court addresses it. So the concern that I have, you know, looking at not just law but but also the DoD programs, the Ministry of Defense programs in the UK and Germany, they have a human augmentation paper that goes back some years, I think 2011. They actually raised the issue. It’s page 66. Hey, we think we should think about the legal ramifications of this, right? So the simple analogy is this. You own a dog, which is not a homo sapiens, right, not a human. And you shoot the dog, kill it. Did you commit the crime of murder? And the answer is no. Homicide is defined as the unlawful taking of a human life. 28m20***** If these people are injected and genetically modified to no longer meet the definition of homo sapiens, they are homo borg Giensis for example, then do they enjoy any rights whatsoever? If you kill one of these people, can you be charged with murder? And my concern is the answer to that is no*****. Oh my goodness. What have they done? Well, they’ve planned this out for a very, very long time Doctor. You look at the legal steps put in place including 42 part, sorry 42 CFR part 70 and 71 you will see since 2014 or so. Sorry, 2016, *****they put all the legal framework in place so that as soon as a public health emergency was declared, specifically one that’s of international concern by The WHO, [WORLD HOLOCAUST/ HOMOCIDE ORIFICE] all of your constitutional rights evaporate. The CDC is in control, complete with covid passports, complete with no travel, quarantine, forcible injections. They don’t distinguish between licensed, unlicensed EUA or otherwise, just that you’ll take whatever they give you. And that’s exactly what happened in March of 2020, the Secretary of Health and Human Services made such a declaration because the director of the director of the [CCP & Bill Gates of Hell controlled] WHO made such a declaration. We have not enjoyed constitutional rights at least since that point in time. And you can see that with the January six people sitting in jail, two plus years, no habeas corpus, no bond hearing, no nothing*****. They’re sitting in solitary confinement, which is deemed to be cruel and unusual punishment. No 5th or 14th Amendment rights attached because our Constitution has been suspended and remains so, right. The Mon[k]ey Pox Declaration did that. We’re now in wo actually public health emergencies, CONVID covid, which is extended, and monkeypox soon to be followed, by the way, by a Marburg or any Ebola one, because the 28m15 Marburg provisions of the Prep Act were already invoked and the money was already spent, so there will be some hemorrhagic fever of some kind coming down the road, that’s addressed in that very law that I spoke to 42 CFR part (17? Or 70?) 71 actually talks about it, so we can expect it. And you know, they flew in an Ebola patient to Denver, Co a month ago. There was one in the UK you know, 28m35 ***** we know now that EMF can create the exact same symptomology. We know that the EMF weapon system otherwise known as 5G is installed everywhere, so it’s just another vector of death. And the question is, will somebody flick the switch? Well, I think they already have*****. You know, maybe. I mean, certainly the first attack happened. But I have to tell you, I have a lot of hope that comes from things that I see. You know, again, living outside the United States, my perspective is, is quite different. And you said, I’ve been behind the curtain. Yeah, I have. I’ve lived and worked in two communist countries. It was in Poland, right after the Russians left. It was still communist. And my job was wor  king for the the largest law firm in the country to undo what the Soviet model economy looks like. I’ve lived and worked in Cuba, right? 29m50 ***** Communists, I know what that looks like. That’s what’s actually trying to be implemented here, complete with the Central bank digital currency the two winners in each and every segment of the economy, you know, to the exclusion of everybody else, Walmart and Target open during the lockdowns*****. I guess the point is, it gives me hope when I see them failing. Moms and pop shops are still open. The Marburg plandemic has not happened. Monkey Pox was a failure. Trying to get Vladimir Putin into a nuclear exchange failed. The Bank for International Settlements, brand new home that they built for themselves in Astana Kazakhstan was taken by Putin and the Kazaks away from their puppet government. Those are all things that could not have happened. Larry Fink, head of BlackRock, is under investigation by the SEC. None of those things could happen if the owners were still in place. I’m tellin’ ya, there’s no way the owners meaning the people behind the bank for International settlements, the Vatican, the the Crown Royals from UK, actually globally, and the Rothschilds, the City of London which you made reference to, they are not in place because if they were, there’s no way any of those things would have failed. NATO would be in Ukraine, FTX would have never blown up, showing the money laundering going to the Democrat parties through Ukraine, none of those things could have happened if the owners were still in place. We’re watching this whole thing, which is geared like a Swiss watch, right? All these legal pieces, all these medical pieces, pathogens coming all at the same time, had to work just perfectly. And they aren’t. And I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Trump interrupted ‘em. Whether he did anything, of value or not, is almost irrelevant, his mere existence for those four or five years totally monkied the plan and we have a chance. I’ll give you an example if you go back and then I’ll shut up. Sorry. In 1998. Look on the cover of The Economist magazine, right? That is the magazine owned by the Rothschild family. That’s what they show everybody what’s going to happen in the World Economic scene. It shows an eagle standing on a pile of burning cash with a Bitcoin around its neck and it says by 2018 we’re going to have a central bank, I’m sorry, an IMF issued digital currency. The crypto SDR special drawing rights. That’s the currency of the IMF. A one world currency because we need it for one world government. Here we are in 2023 in a few days, there is no crypto SDR rolled out to the people. There was one transaction that happened on January 20, 2020. Yeah. Between the World Bank & [imf?], the rest of it’s failing, Dr. People are waking up. People are asking questions. Politicians are hiding. where the heck is Fauci? This is fabulous news, and we have to capitalize on that. Mmm, well said. And you know, when you’re the lead pony, like you and I have been in our respective fields for a long, long time but for sure, since the beginning of of this whole thing in March of 2020, it’s, you know, an element of frustration of because we’re so far ahead of the curve. That, you know, you look behind you and you don’t even see anybody. I mean, I’ve said that about all the stuff I’ve done in the vaccine industry for so long and a lot of different things that I’ve been involved with. And it’s sort of like when you’re.. Transcript by remember in high school when you would run cross country and you would have those cross country meets that you’d go over the hills and, you know, through golf courses and all this other stuff, I always felt like I was so far ahead of rest of the people that were running that I could get over the third hill, sit down and have lunch and they still wouldn’t catch up. And I know that’s kind of like the frustration of like, what do you mean you don’t, you’re not awake yet, and I hate that term anyways. I just think it’s so archaic. But the truth of the matter is, it’s like if you think that you know all of these people out there have been in a very, very deep drug induced coma like people that have a seizure disorders that the only way that you can get it to stop is like heavy doses of IV phenobarbital and things like that. These people have been in like very, very, very deep comas for a long time, not just since the beginning of of CONVID. And if you think about, you know, sometimes when you’re sound asleep and you’re in a really deep, you know, REM sleep and somebody comes in and wakes you up, you’re really groggy and like what is going on? Why are you even bothering me? And so sometimes I just kind of think that that’s kind of what like humanity is like. They’ve been in this really deep coma and it takes a while to get out of that coma, you know, wake up and stretch and look around. You don’t hop out of bed and go at it, you know, because we’ve been at it for a long time and it’s a way to kind of for me personally to have a little bit more empathy for these people that are like you just want to like smack your forehead, it’s like you got to be kidding me. Like really? And so, but it is true that the masses are getting it at whatever level that they’re getting it. I mean, they can’t deny it anymore. I mean when you see like the, you know, like the truckers that went across Canada and you see what happened in Belgium and in the Netherlands with the dairy farmers and you see what happened in Belgium with the farmers  that I just love to see that they were going down the street with manure in carts behind them and throwing the manure on the Parliament buildings. I mean it was like yes! I mean they just were like kind of doing that and what little snips in that that have ended up on Tiktok and Facebook and Instagram before they were taken down.. people are seeing it and with this death rate this incredible death rate that’s happening now it’s just.. You know when 35m15***** the UK data came out a couple weeks ago and it said one in 73 persons that got their early on injection are now dead***** and when now with Ed Dowd’s book that just came out, you know, Unknown Causes. I don’t know if you’ve gotten a copy of his book yet, but it’s it’s an amazing book. It just was released a couple days ago. I had it on pre-order because how he did it. I’ve never seen a book put together like this before. He just, he and the couple of people that were working on this together just gathered all of the data, all the news stories, all of the research things from everywhere and put them in this book. And next to that news story is a QR code. That you can look, go to that QR code and go directly to that news story. Read the whole news story yourself. It has links to more than 1000 peer reviewed medical literature studies showing the problems with all of the heart thing that you could just click on with that QR code and get the entire Word document that has all the hyperlinks in it. It’s a requiem. Read it, it’s very sad. It’s a real requiem to all the people that have died. But it’s like evidence. It’s like here’s all the evidence that they have done all the work for it. And I just think that if people really are now starting to say no and have to understand what’s coming like. You said this, Marburg things coming. You know, I’m not sure if I told you this time, but I was in at the CDC, literally at the CDC in February of 2020. I went to the ACIP meeting because I thought, you know, all this verbally stuff was coming up about what we now know as the pLandemic. So I thought, well, they’re having an ACIP meeting, surely they’re going to talk about this. I need to go down and hear it first hand. I was there for a day and a half. I never heard, I mean other than a 10 minute thing that some gal came in and gave a little overview of the of the CONVID covid shots. It was like 10 minutes. The entire rest of the time that I was there was talking about the Ebola vaccine and how they had approved over lunch, they had broken for lunch because before lunch these gals came out and it was only going to be approved for a very few limited people like people that worked in the in those hot labs, people that were actually transporting Ebola, Ebola patients, people that were going to Africa, if they were actually in the middle of an outbreak.. it was going to be a very small number of people would be approved for then somebody in the ACIP committee right before lunch said, “well, what if one of those people are pregnant? Can we give it to a pregnant woman? I mean, it’s a live virus vaccine”. And they all kind of looked at each other and said let’s talk about it over lunch. And when they came back from lunch, they voted to approve it for pregnant women. Sure, why not, with all the testing done over lunch..Over lunch exactly. 38min and so they already have this vaccine in place and this is what I have been predicting for a long time, is that if they could get everybody terrorized over a corona infection [flu statistics substitute], all they’re going to have to do is show a few of their stock photos of people bleeding out from their orifices, the same photos they’ve shown every single time. And only they do it over and over and over again to get people terrorized about hemorrhagic viruses. Then I think they’re going to say we have a “vaccine” available. We’re only going to give it to people who are fully [fake] “vaccinated” with the CONVID covid shot. Sure, and not mention that there are therapeutics that do treat this doctor Chambers, right. Green Beret medical doctor. Yeah. Looked in his special forces guide. And it says use Fenbendazol? Or Abendazol? 2 pills you’re good to go, you don’t have to worry about Ebola. But they’ll just leave that part out. & high dose vitamin C and ozone. Doctor Robert Rowan went into Africa & set up these clinics with IV ozone was treating, everybody was actively having it in the country. I think it was in Nigeria. I could be wrong about that. But the government kicked him out. They didn’t want him treating anybody. Collecting data to show that it worked. I have noted by the way everywhere that they’ve tested their Ebola vaccine, the MRNA one, the people show up with ebola. Go figure, they’re using it for as adjuvant/ adjutant. How does that happen? What do you think about all these people now that are testing these vials and saying “you guys are all wrong about spike proteins and MRNA. It has nothing to do with that, it all has to do with graphene oxide and and hydrogel and all you people are still talking about MRNA and spike proteins are just wrong”. Well, first and foremost let let’s remember this, that 39m45***** because this is a phase three clinical trial the ingredients can be changed without even informing the FDA and we know that.. didn’t you tell me that like up to 49%? Yes, and and we already know that that’s happened because we’ve seen so many different tests with different lots and batches. And by the way we have expert testimony that that’s happened from fact witnesses and experts. We have for instance I can share this with you we have a wonderful fact witnesses of quality assurance auditor for Pfizer whose job was to make sure that these things got checked that they met all the FDA requirements and this person is testifying that these bags of unknown fluid come into the Pfizer factory, they’re covered in Chinese markings, no US or English markings of any kind whatsoever. No testing. They have no idea what’s in these bags and yet they were putting it into Pfizer bottles and calling them Bio N Tech or Comirnaty*****. No idea what they were. And cold chain storage. Oh that’s nice right. We’re supposed to have cold chain storage 80 degrees below 0. And I think in the early days when the military was rolling this out that actually happened and I think that’s a function of MRNA as I understand the science that it’s fragile and they were trying to make sure that it reached the host, the payload was delivered. However, you know what happened to cold chain? They just abandoned it. So I think that goes to show a few things. Number one, the MRNA, clearly the 41m15***** the perpetrators would want us to use MRNA or recognize that it was used because then that creates intellectual property rights to the people that got the shots. There are thousands of patents about what they’re going to do with these symbio humans. This was all very well planned, including batteries and transistors and transmitters, right? All of that exists, just like the matrix. The patents exist, Bill Gates is behind a lot of them*****. So they didn’t waste their time, right. They of course use MRNA at some point. Whether they continue to use it as is almost irrelevant because we remain in a phase three clinical trial & the ingredients just keep changing. Boosters. The FDA doesn’t care anymore,I saw their policy paper yesterday, they’re not checking, they don’t care what’s in the boosters, they’re not going to check. So we have the kitchen sink being rolled into these things that the FDA waived good manufacturing practices and they’re no longer observed. There are no lots of batches and this is one of our witnesses and expert witness who’s in the manufacturing business in Europe, who will testify, has testified actually an affidavit that there was no security whatsoever on the ingredients. Anything could go in, nobody cared. Nobody kept track. That’s the European manufacturing of the European comirnaty which was licensed in 2020. There is a comirnaty, it’s a European license one with no standards whatsoever. So when you take all of that into consideration and you hear “safe & effective”, your government wants you to take that shot, you pay 100 bucks. Here’s a lottery ticket. Here’s some free beer. How would you look at this as anything other than & you don’t find a DEMOCIDE. I stick to GENOCIDE in some respects because there are some people left out of this but it’s called a DEMOCIDE. It’s global depopulation and mass experimentation and until people fully embrace this and understand you’re under attack they will remain apathetic. You asked me a minute ago early on what’s the one word, how would you describe the biggest threat to humanity? Well, that’s apathy. It’s that simple. If we don’t care, then why should we? You know? If we’re not able to save ourselves because we don’t care, why should anybody else care? 43min Wow. And that’s so true. And I was listening to somebody sent me a little video this morning with Yuval Noah Harari talking about that the next thing on their plate is the development of immortality and that immortality is happening, you know with the people that are already in Silicon Valley and they understand that. And I read, I saw a video I don’t know, it was maybe a week or so ago. Saying that the World Economic Forum has has declared that God is dead, Jesus Christ never existed and we have to stop hoping for you know some a mystical thing up in the sky because emotions are just chemicals that we could just modify the chemicals and everything that’s about humans. Is just something that can be created in a lab. Yeah, I think they’re missing something really important. 44m15***** And that is our spirit, our spirituality. Why else would they fight so hard to take it from us? You know, we know that some of the ingredients were gene deletion ingredients getting rid of for instance the vmat 2 or spirituality, the 1P36 gene controls our frontal cortex with the development or or sustenance thereof*****. Why would they go through so much trouble to get rid of those things, to get rid of our spirituality, if that were in fact so? Throughout time, irrespective of our technology, we’ve had a bond with God. Some people have different belief systems, but there’s always they believe in a higher power in every society, maybe good or bad, but it’s there and and so if we’re just, you know, simply these these animals, as they refer to us. Hackable animals no less, Hackable animals, so they know that that’s not true. They know that we are in the fight fo the counting of souls, it’s in Matthew 1338. Wheat & tears? and they’re fighting for their number of souls for their God, Lucifer, and we’re fighting for ours, God’s children. And the difference I think is that they work 24/7, 365, they are relentless. The Christian population, nobody stood up and revolted when they closed the churches. And even now when the churches are still closed you know we can’t congregate on Sunday to pray for our country and to pray for our fellow humans that are sick. But we can have a shot clinic on Tuesday. Sure, lap dances, [nurses dance] that’s fine too. And when people were revolting against having their gyms closed and their businesses closed, you didn’t see anybody marched out with signs in front of churches saying open the church and let us pray. So you know when I first left saw this at the beginning of March of 2020 and I said ooh baby this is Satan’s last hurrah. And they’re doing everything they can to the wheat and the tears comment that you made to get the people into their and and be deceived and the and when you know Jesus said you know less the days be shortened. Even the elect will be deceived. Yes. You know that here we are. You know, we’re waiting for the Antichrist to declare himself, you know, and I think there’s a lot of suspicions on people that we see across the landscape right now. But it’s just a matter of time because here we are, right. We’re watching the you know, Revelations 13 just the just unveil right in front of our eyes. Yea we are there and I guess that’s part of recognizing it, right? The whole thing like the 47m***** these same people I used the term people loosely have declared that their their intention is to genetically modify every plant, animal species on this planet for the purpose of spiting God. The HHS has a division, a sin bio division whose job it is to aid and abet the genetic modification of every plant & animal species on the planet*****. This is not guesswork here. Wow. We’re here, doctor. Then if they can genetically modify us, they’re going to and I guess we have to to to figure that out to some extent because, you know, we also found is that these shots and in some respects at least are contagious, right. There’s prion shedding or communicability of the sterility compounds through sexual intercourse, for example. We have to create a parallel society because I don’t think they can force us into doing this. They can’t force us into this whole thing. I do believe God is there in God’s hand allows us the last choice, which is free will, freedom of choice. And I think we have that and we can choose to opt out and take Anne VanderSteel for example who opted out. She’s a state national. There are 10 or 12 million more just like her and it’s growing every month. 48min We have to create a parallel society and opt out. We have that opportunity. So you know, we need to do that now post haste. How do we get people to do that, Todd? What is the, how do they find you and some of the things you’re doing to exercise our rights to opt out? Because I’ve said the same thing. You know, what’s happening over there is so big and so orchestrated and it’s so funded and you know everything that they have, you can’t fight against it. I mean, it’s like it’s not even death by 1000 cuts. I mean, it’s just it, it’s like, you know, the lilliputians fighting, you know, because they’re so big, we can’t do much about that. It’s going to have to just implode under its own weight. And now we’ve got the billionaires sort of fighting amongst themselves. Isn’t it great? I mean, we see, you know, Elon Musk, who’s one of them, who’s fighting against them and is now releasing all this stuff about election fraud. And, you know, he says in his Twitter feed, you know all the stuff about healthcare, it’s coming. And just wait, you know, the big release is coming. And so they’re fighting amongst themselves over here. So they’re going to let that fall down. So in the meantime we’ve got to invade the Field of Dreams. You know, if we build it, they will come and people will opt out. And we need a our own economy, our own food, our own water and all those things. Yea. Transcript by 49m20 I know you have a plan for that and you’re part of plans. There’s a lot of people that are involved with it. Where can people go to learn more about building the new world? Yeah, I wish it was all in one place and it isn’t. And maybe that’s actually a blessing because if there’s, you know, if there’s one moral leader, that person could be taken out. Our leader is God. So the first and most important thing is build your relationship with God because we get these whispers how to connect to each other, you and I, Dr. Chambers all these other wonderful people, we found each other through our faith, right? It wasn’t in the same church. We found each other because we’re connected, you know, consciously and subconsciously, spiritually. So I think that’s the single most important thing because unless you get your faith right, I don’t think you can see the paradigm I really, truly, and I say that. With a lot of confidence and sorry to digress for a minute. No, no, please. When I filed suit against the DoD we had thousands and thousands of service members, maybe the next day it was a barrage like I’d never, never dreamt could happen. Everybody was looking for help. And I talked all day long, emails all into this day. Two years later, effectively, I’m still fielding these things. The point is that they all have one thing in common, 99 point something percent of them all had a relationship with God. 99 something percent of them were Christians. Umm, there were a few, what I call Old Testament Jews in there, a couple of Muslims, but they all had a relationship with God. Everybody that saw this, what it’s for, right? They understood that this is a battle for spirits, so if we want to opt out the single most important thing we have to do is build that relationship with God the higher power. Period. The rest of it, I think, falls in place. You can see I do a lot of work with , v – a – double X When you mentioned, you know Mr Dowd and his evidence, we’ve been providing that for two years. We have a repository of evidence, starting with the 51m30 original criminal complaint that we wrote in 2020*****. In March of 2020, that was downloaded and filed all over the planet*****. That says all of these things we knew all the way back then. Everything we’re talking about now is in that criminal complaint having been provided to law enforcements everywhere who didn’t care. Point is that that information is around, and people have always had the opportunity to see that. If they want to go look for it, so vaxxchoice one of them. Five small stones. How do we get out of this, 5 small stones is a self help legal clinic. We have proceed forms for people to stand on their own, doc. You and I were two people, maybe of 100 or 1000 of people that are trying to lead a way out of this, it’s going to take masses. Look at what the service members did. The DoD. That change in the DoD mandate didn’t come because of me. It didn’t become because of a lot of lawyers that are doing the same damn thing. You know, it came because hundreds of thousands of service members stood up and said NO. NO is the most important part of this after your relationship with God, take a take a lesson from your 2 year old. They’re great at saying NO. NO NO NO NO NO Practice it. I’m not going with your program. No. right? It’s standing for yourself. That is the first step in getting over the apathy making a decision right? Apathy. Is non decision. That’s well, OK, no problem. No. so. And the rest of it unfolds. We do a lot of work with truth for Health Foundation. Dear Lord, I’m in too many places all at the same time. But it’s not me. It’s not about me. It’s about us. If you go looking for it, look at Ann VanderSteel and what it is she’s doing every day, all day. She’s out there talking about how to become a state national. She will show you exactly how to do that. And I understand there’s 53m***** one to two million people per month doing that, opting out of the system. They’re not paying taxes anymore. They’re getting rid of their Social Security numbers. They’re no longer collateralized for the benefit of the Treasury or the Federal Reserve, yet they’re traveling internationally, they have their documents and they’re taking their states back. There is no federal government without the states. And now you’re seeing the states find themselves*****. Geez, look at Governor DeSantis***** now, mind you, I think he’s got some things in his background just like Elon Musk does. We have to put that aside for now. He’s now said this is a depopulation agenda*****. He’s calling it for what it is, and he’s opened a criminal investigation. The states are standing, mind you, there’s two or three of them. But it’s a start. And as people start to hear this out of the mouths of authorities, such as a governor of a very large state saying, calling it for what it is, people for some reason seem to to react to that a little bit differently than you and me spouting off. So I see progress. A lot of progress, but it’s the the two things God and NO. Haha.. That should be a T-shirt. OK, great. That’s really good. Wow. Well, Todd, we’ve covered a lot of territory this morning. It’s just been great. And I as I knew it would be because, you know, when you and I get on the phone, I mean I have to share this with our audience the first.. So we got introduced through a mutual friend and we set up a time to talk. It was 11:00 o’clock on a Saturday morning. Yeah. Almost 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon we’re still on the phone talking. And that’s true. It’s like the whole day, which is like amazing. And at that point in time what I wanted to talk to you about was this homo Borg Genesis stuff. And so when we got to the end of the conversation, I said I haven’t even gotten to that yet because we were talking about so many other things. So it’s just been, so I knew it would be a delight to have you on and and to have this publically and you know with our audience here and we’ll stick around and do a deep dive for our premium podcast members here in just a few minutes. But as we close out for this morning on this week with doctor T what would you like to leave with our audience today? I think i’ve said a lot of it. God & NO. Look, I’m a big believer in the golden rule, right? Treat others like you wanna be treated. We’ve got to get rid of the devisiveness. We have been divided and made afraid. We can’t allow that anymore. We have to look past that, you know. And and part of that look I’m not happy about, you know invaders coming across the border. Of the people coming across the border, 20% of those are invaders, the other ones are people looking for change. They’re looking for a better life, another meal, better way to raise their kids. The same reason our forefathers came across here. And we must change them if we’re going to survive this. Those the people that haven’t had the shots, those are the people getting ivermectin. Where we need to turn them into Americans. 56m10***** Two and a half, 3 billion people on this planet are now either dead or Walking Dead, right? You know that doctor better than I do. Yea for sure. That means every last soul on this planet that we can get to adopt our mentality, to adopt our culture, the pioneering, the NO. We’re not doing authority in our country. We’ve got to change them into that American belief system. The whole world needs to adopt that because we’ve got to stand together if we’re going to survive this as a species*****. And that’s the bottom line, survive this as a species because this goes all the way back to the Genesis flood right. Yea. And and as and it’s been the the key thing that I’ve been talking about a lot of my happy hour and everything for this entire year. The you know no one knows when the day that, when Jesus himself said only the father in heaven knows the day of my return. But you will know by the science, and it will be as in the days of Noah and that verse has haunted me this entire year because it was like, well, how bad was it? And how close are we to mirroring, as in the days of old.. Chimera, it was chimeras. It was absolutely that. Because, you know, when Noah took the animals into the ark of like kind, you know, they had to have been pure genetic like kind, you know, the ones that God created. And now that we’re having, like, glow-in-the-dark pigs and humanized mice and, you know, all these other things that they’re doing, and now they’re making chimeras out of human beings themselves including infants and babies. And you know, now they’re talking about growing babies in a test tube and then putting it into an external uterus and having large labs of being able to do that. I mean, you know, how long will the Lord tarry, before he puts, continues to put up with this nonsense, you know? I think it’s us. How long are we gonna put up with this? Yeah. True enough. Yeah. True enough. Well Todd, thank you so much. I am so grateful for this time and so honored so many things this morning. It’s been fun. We will definitely put up your websites on the vaxxchoice. I get your newsletter. I just think it’s just wonderful to sign up for their newsletter and so that you can get that additional information and remember if you’re premium podcast member, if you go to the deep dive on our private label products, you will get, if you use the code deep dive, you get an additional discount for that. So I want to just thank everybody for joining us here this morning, but I do want to make a couple of announcements this week, Tuesday night, tomorrow night, Happy Hour will be with Pastor Joseph Williams, a Patriot pastor and personal friend. Who are given amazing blessing. This man’s prayers are enough to, like, stop a clock with awe. And he’s he’s going to be honest and do a Christmas presentation for the end of the week. Thursday Night Happy hour doctor T will be part four of our series heavenly signs in the gospel truth with Doug Woodward, which will just be amazing. This week he’s going to go deeply into the star of Bethlehem. The meaning of December the 25th and the wise men of the East, did they really come on the night of Jesus’s birth? Or is that just A Christmas Carol. He’s got all the historical documents and all the dates to kind of talk about that. That’s happy hour with doctor T this coming Thursday night at 6:00 PM Eastern Time will be the 4th part of our series, this whole series. Michele’s got it posted up at the at the site where you can hear the entire series with Doug Woodward and the entire series that we did on the giant sons of God with Douglas, with Doug Van Dorn, and with Doctor Judd Burton. If that’s still available up there too, after the first of the year, we’re going to move those into learning for you and they will then become available for purchase for $79 a course, a four part course for $79 and all of the money that we earn through the sale of those products will go back to either Doug Van Dorn or to Doug Woodward for their work. So this is like we’re gonna promote that and all the money that we earn, 100% of that will go to the people who put on the courses for us. So just so people know, you can still get it available now. And then Thursday night, right after Happy Hour is our last five docs event of the season. We’re going to do a year in [urine lol] review of predictions for the future. So that’s critically thinking with doctor T and Doctor P will be a five docs event with me. Larry Palevsky, Lee Merritt, Carrie Madej and Christianne Northrop. And then after that I will be leaving the next day. I’ll be going to to take some time off up until January 8th, where I’m going to be reading and writing and resting a little bit. So the last week though, you know, between Christmas and New Year’s we’ll have. We’ll still have our our our podcast, but we’re going to be doing highlights from the archives, and if you haven’t heard them before, you won’t want to miss them. And if you have heard them before, I can assure you they’re interviews worth listening to again. So we don’t want you to get out of your rhythm of joining us here when we do our podcast, and we just want to make sure that everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday season if you’re traveling this week & next week, and you know pay close attention to your friends and family members. It may literally be the last time you see them if they’ve been injected. So with that, I’m going to close with one of my favorite verses in the Bible. It’s the way I close all of our either prerecorded or live broadcasts with Romans 12:12, which is “rejoice in hope, be patient in trouble and be persistent in prayer”. So till the next time remember to lean into God. Trust him for everything. He will never let you down. He wants to have a relationship with you. And think about him as your best friend. If you talk to your best friend, for an hour on Sunday, how much of a best friend would that actually be? So spend your time there and and until we see you again, hope to see you at the special broadcast for the rest of this week so have a good week. Todd, thank you so much for being with us. Pleasure’s mine. Circle back here in just a minute and do our deep dive for our premium content members have a great week, everybody. Take care. Transcript by

Evidence The FDA and The White House KNEW The Vax Was Going To Kill Millions Around The World

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Lounger & scrounger Merry Christmas video call sun 25 dec 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0138S03

Lounger & scrounger video call sun 25 dec 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0138S03—scrounger-video-call-sun-25-dec-2022-GeorgeGodley-dot-com-vlog-dot-com-0138S03:c.

If I had young children, I would not give them any childhood vaccines, says Pierre Kory, MD

Mechanically Separated Society


Five reasons why some people get adverse reactions and others do not- Dr. Kevin Stillwagon—I-Got-the-Shot,-and-I’m-Fine:3

Biden Administration Colludes with [CCP Bkill Gates of hell puppet] WHO to Surrender American Sovereignty

“More than anyone else, activist and researcher James Roguski is keeping track of the World Health Organization (WHO) [WORLD HOLOCAUST ORIFICE] in its attempts to take totalitarian control over the nations of the world. The moves include changes in the WHO regulations, separate agreements with nations, and health passports.
The central thrust is to lift all restraints from the Secretary-General Tedros, a Communist thug put in office by Xi Jinping, empowering him to name anyone nation a public health threat and without permission to begin taking actions against it.
With unbelievable overreach, WHO assumes authority over the broadest possible issues, way beyond in pandemics into broadly defined areas of public health including the war in Ukraine and climate change.
The U.S. is the initiator and main backer of the worst of the WHO power grabs, proposing amendments to the WHO’s regulations that could destroy American sovereignty and that of every other nation as well.
James Roguski asks that this interview with him be spread around the world to inform humanity of what the WHO, backed by President Biden, has in store for us—a global totalitarianism spawned out of supposedly protecting our health. ”

Crushing People and Nations Alike Dr.Robert Malone v. Dr. Peter Breggin & Dr. Jane Ruby $25M [frivolous?] lawsuit..
“The World Health Organization (WHO) was and remains the primary driver of the totalitarian policies and practices that crushed people and nations alike from the start of COVID-19. Journalist Alex Newman and I examine some of its latest and upcoming threats. Imagine a WHO vaccine passport required before you can travel. Imagine it has your complete medical and psychiatric history and, soon after, your social credit score. Maybe it’s also where they require you to keep your digital currency. They will try to impose control over us in every and any way they can. Further imagine WHO becoming the authority over mental health in the world—and how it will turn the Earth into a giant mental hospital rivaling the worst of the old state mental hospitals and the Russian gulag, confining everyone except the elites. See proof on this show that none of this farfetched. That’s clearly in the works. The global predators whom we document in COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey have no moral restraints in regard to anything they do to us.”


The Last of a dying Breed